The Creepy First Trailer For 'Casting JonBenét' Will Give You Serious Chills


Netflix just released the trailer for "Casting JonBenét," and oh my God.

With the 20th anniversary of JonBenét Ramsey's death happening back in December, studios have been pooping out as many JBR specials as possible.

Four different projects centered around the unsolved Christmas murder of the 6-year-old pageant contestant have been released over the past few months, each offering slightly different conclusions and theories on the case.

A few months ago, Netflix announced it'd be throwing its hat in the JonBenét-special ring with "Casting JonBenét," a "stylized exploration of the world's most sensational child-murder case" made by Australian documentarian Kitty Green.

Netflix released the trailer for the documentary today, and holy crap is this one absolutely terrifying.

What separates "Casting JonBenét" from the four other projects is its use of fiction and non-fiction elements. For the documentary, Green held auditions to cast the roles of key members in the murder case, only seeing actors from around Ramsey's hometown of Boulder, Colorado.

During the auditions, Green let actors express their own theories and thoughts on the case as well as explain why they thought JonBenét's case is still being talked about 20 years later.

Officers involved with the the investigation and the Ramsey family themselves were not involved or interviewed for the project.


Other documentaries released about Ramsey's murder have taken a more traditional route when it comes to covering the story.

CBS' "The Case of: JonBenét Ramsey" for example had experts re-examine old evidence while exploring new information that has since been released.

One element of the special involved investigators discussing whether or not the ransom letter left at the scene was potentially faked.

The Ramseys aren't exactly happy about all of this new coverage surrounding JonBenét's death.

Burke Ramsey, who some investigators think may have accidentally killed his sister with a flashlight during a fight over some pineapple, is currently involved in a $750 million lawsuit with CBS, claiming it ruined his reputation.

According to the lawsuit,

The accusation that Burke Ramsey killed his sister was based on a compilation of lies, half-truths, manufactured information, and the intentional omission and avoidance of truthful information about the murder of JonBenét Ramsey.

"Casting JonBenét" premieres on Netflix on April 28.

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