Unconventional Breakup Movies For Guys To Cry Over, Then Get Back In The Game

by Josh Tyler

A couple of weekends ago, I got dumped.

So while my Sundays were normally for recovery, video games, movies and trudging through the last errands I put off over the weekend, it now came with the surprise bonus of dealing with a breakup.

In the middle of watching one movie, though, the most interesting thing happened. I felt all the negativity of the breakup fade away, and I was back on Tinder, chomping at the bit to meet someone new.

My discovery of the best breakup movies has been invaluable to my life. Contrary to popular opinion, guys do (at times) experience emotions, and we also have to find ways to release them.

But choosing the perfect movie to watch post-breakup is a tricky science. It can't be a pure comedy or action flick, as those will leave you with a ton of emotions bottled up with nowhere to go at the end.

It also can't be a purely sad movie because, then, an inevitable spiral begins until you're crying with a half-melted pint of ice cream in your lap.

The key to a good breakup movie is that it needs to make you feel emotional without making you sad. The emotions you want to experience should be a mixture of nostalgia, pride, determination and, most of all, hope. The movies need to end on a good note and make you feel like you can keep moving forward.

The key to a good breakup movie is that it needs to make you feel emotional without making you sad.

Use this as a guide for good breakup movies, and keep watching to find the one that speaks to you:

"Shawshank Redemption"


"Shawshank Redemption" has all the cornerstones of what you need to feel better after a breakup.

Compelling story? Check. Bromance of the ages? Check. Some deep philosophical discussions about life? Check. An ending that makes you feel like there is still a chance you won't end up alone? Oh, big check.

If nothing else, Morgan Freeman's voice will put your mind at ease.


TriStar Pictures

This is a classic, feel-good sports movie. There's plenty of emotion throughout the film, from the death of his friend to the “jersey lay down” scene to the entire final game.

After a girl has dumped you, you feel small, weak and your confidence is shot to hell. So watch this movie and remember Rudy was told over and over again he would never reach his dream. But he never lost the determination and always kept fighting.

In the end, he got to march onto the field for a grand total of two plays, and that's all you need in life: one moment where everything aligns for you.

This movie will convince you not to give up and keep fighting for that one moment.



As a great coming-of-age story that surprisingly holds up well a decade later, this one is equal parts bromance and nostalgia, with just the right amount of comedy.

It'll remind you of simpler times when you didn't have to worry about swiping, brunch with your girlfriend's friends or scheduling multiple happy hour dates.

It will bring you back to high school, when your whole idea of romance was as simple as sending a note to a girl, asking if she liked you.

It's also going to make you realize how much you've grown and how stupid you were when it came to the opposite sex in high school.

Hopefully, you're now smarter than McLovin', the only one of those kids who actually managed to get laid.

As an added bonus, this movie was the world's introduction to Emma Stone, AKA God's gift to us all.



Christopher Nolan is easily the best director of the 21st century, and "Interstellar" might be one of his most underrated movies.

The story and sci-fi elements are compelling as hell, the acting is strong across the board, and for a movie where not that much action is happening on screen, it manages to build up suspense very well.

But the biggest reason I included it in this lineup is because of the father-daughter relationship.

When seeing two hot people fall for each other disgusts you, remember the two people who will never fall out of love with you. Just like Murph, you can always lean on your parents. (And for God's sake call them. They'll tell you how special you are, and they'll probably have some great advice.)

"Good Will Hunting"


Here are four words to prove my point: “It's not your fault.”

This is the most “love story” movie on here, but even the romance Will and Skylar have is meant to shine a light on Will's intimacy issues.

If you're feeling like your past is holding you back, or you're hung up on something that's keeping you from achieving your dreams, this movie is for you.

Sure, you may cry along with Will, but you're going to end the movie wanting to drive off into the sunset to start your life.

"Fight Club"

20th Century Fox

An odd choice, I know, but this one is for the hyper-masculinity.

When your breakup leaves some anger, "Fight Club" speaks to the primal instincts all guys know.

This movie may seem stupid to many — why would guys join a club where they get beat up? But at it's core, this is the purest way some guys desire to express their emotions, by whaling on someone else until their hands are bloody.

Not to mention, this movie has a great twist, builds up the action and suspense extremely well and ends on a semi-cliffhanger that's open-ended, but full of possibilities.

It's hard not to listen to that Pixies song, watch the buildings fall and not think of that crumbling city skyline as your own shattered mind.


Buena Vista Pictures

Unpopular opinion here, but this is the greatest sports movie ever made.

Sorry "Hoosiers," "Rudy," "Field of Dreams" and "Rocky," but no movie has ever made me feel so invested in a team, a coach and a story in my life. This may be because of my own rose-colored glasses as a huge hockey fan and former player, but the camaraderie of that team and the greatest coaching performance anchor this story.

The movie is incredible because a) it actually happened (the greatest underdog story ever told) and b) despite knowing how it ends, it still builds the suspense of the final game masterfully.

It's a movie about dedication, the brotherhood of sports, the power of family and teamwork and pure inspiration.

You might fear that you'll be alone forever, but just remember that no one thought the US could possibly win that game. There's hope for you yet.

So there's your list, which is obviously not comprehensive. But take these as guidelines, and the next time you get dumped, find that movie that leaves you feeling like everything will be all right.

I know whenever I inevitably get dumped again, I'll have "Interstellar" and "Miracle" queued up.