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Famous kid Tiktokers: Romeo Beckham, son of Victoria and David Beckham
These 12 Celeb Kids Are So Fun To Follow On TikTok

Sometimes their famous parents make a cameo.

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It's official: the TikTok takeover is definitely here to stay. While internet sensations like the D'Amelio sisters, Noah Beck, and Bella Poarch have legit built their careers off of entertaining people through videos on the app, it's not just members of The Hype House who are getting all the attention anymore. Of the famous kid TikTokers that come to mind, there’s a specific subset of accounts belonging to the sons and daughters of celebrities that are just so entertaining to watch.

One of the best parts of these TikTok accounts are that famous parents like Kourtney Kardashian, Daniel Dae Kim, and Victoria Beckham often make cameos in their kids' videos. Some parents, like Alex Rodriguez, have not quite mastered the short video platform, but their epic fails are just as entertaining as spot-on choreography. It's the realness of these short dance clips that make TikTok so fun to watch.

Some celebs encourage their kids to express their personality and creativity on TikTok for all to see, while others, like Kim Kardashian, have been outspoken about the fact that the platform may be fun, but not yet safe enough for their children to have public accounts. While Kim admitted her oldest daughter, North, is an avid TikTok user, she's not allowed to actually post to her account.

If you're looking to brighten your day, here are 12 celeb kids to keep an eye out for and follow ASAP.

Romeo Beckham

The son of Victoria and David Beckham is well on his way to TikTok fame thanks, in part, to his mom. Romeo went viral in November 2019 when he and Victoria posted a video of them dancing to the Spice Girls hit "Spice Up Your Life." While Victoria thought it was just a sweet bonding moment with her son, she was surprised to learn he was using it to gain more followers.

"He took my phone, he posted it on my Instagram, and he said, 'That'll get my numbers up,'" Victoria told Ellen DeGeneres later that month. Well played, Romeo. Go follow him at @romeob07.

Mason Disick

Mason made his TikTok debut in January 2020 with the help of his mom, Kourtney, and YouTube star David Dobrik. The three adorably took on the Renegade challenge, and Mason hasn't stopped ever since. Sadly, his account has been suspended for reasons that are currently unknown (it might have to do with his age), but you can follow him at @mason_disick so you can be the first to know when his account is back in action.

Jackson Kim

Son of the actual dreamboat that is actor Daniel Dae Kim, Jackson Kim is a great TikToker to follow if you want a fun balance of the life of a cool L.A. kid and cute celebrity dad features. Jackson posts videos with his family all the time, including recreating an old picture with his dad and brother for Father’s Day and reacting to his dad reading thirst tweets (yikes!). For more DDK cameos, follow Jackson at @jacksontkim.

Sam Williams

OK, Sam may not be a famous son or daughter, but he is the grandson of one Dame Judi Dench. And seeing cameos from the renowned actress in her 80s alongside her grandson is truly a privilege for anyone to behold. Check out Sam and his grandmother at @sam.williams1.

Lebron “Bronny” James Jr.

Can you guess whose son Bronny is? With 5.2 million followers, Bronny is a star in and of himself, and that’s on top of being the son of LeBron James. But it’s safe to assume that his dad helped him on his way to success — their dance video together has over 56.3 million views. On his page, Bronny can be found participating in trendy dances, bopping along to viral songs, and overall being way cooler than all of us. Follow him @bronny.

Leni Klum

Leni is the daughter of supermodel Heidi Klum and adopted daughter of the singer, Seal. Quite the model herself, Leni was on the cover of Vogue Germany with her mom in 2020, and the two also make stellar TikTok dance partners. Check Leni out at @leniklum.

North West

North West is already an icon. Though Kim won't let her post to her own TikTok account, you can follow Kim on Instagram, where she shares their videos once in a while. It's well worth it.

Natasha Rodriguez

While Natasha doesn't have her own public account (just yet), she's A-Rod's on-hand TikTok coach. Though the teen tries to get her dad to replicate the viral dance challenges, he's yet to get the hang of it. It's worth following these two at @arod13.

Deacon Phillippe

Reese Witherspoon's son is pure magic when he attempts to teach her how to use TikTok. The mother-son duo can't help but crack up during their lessons, but also end up with some pretty epic footage. Outside of doing TikTok dances with his mom, Deacon is a recording artist and released his first single, “Long Run,” in 2020. Though his TikTok account (@deacon) is verified, he hasn’t posted anything yet. Until he does, you can follow him at @deaconphillipe on IG.

Coco Arquette

Instagram users flipped out in January 2019 when Courtney Cox finally joined the social media platform. Little did fans know they'd be getting some of the most entertaining videos thanks to Cox's daughter, Coco, who often teaches her mom viral TikTok dances. Although she deleted her main TikTok account, you can still keep up with Coco at @cocorileyasf.

Iris Apatow

Judd Apatow and Leslie Mann's daughter is absolutely brilliant on TikTok. She’s super fashionable and not to mention friends with pop icon Olivia Rodrigo. Whether she's dancing, lip-synching, or making videos with her friends, Iris is definitely worth a follow at @irisapatow.

Jaya Harper

Laura Dern's teenage daughter is all the rage on TikTok. Harper is known to master a ton of viral challenges, and sometimes she gets her mom to feature — who doesn’t want to see Laura Dern crash her daughter’s videos? Follow Harper at @JayaHarper.

Correction: A previous version of this story stated Maude Apatow had a TikTok account when she does not. It has since been updated.

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