K-pop girl group TWICE has launched individual Instagram accounts.

Every Single TWICE Member Officially Has A Personal Instagram

I've never hit the "follow" button faster.

JYP Entertainment

ONCE, the moment you’ve been waiting for has finally arrived: After sharing a single joint account on social media for the past seven years, TWICE has now opened up personal Instagram pages. You can now follow all nine members of the group, so get ready to know the girls more than ever before.

TWICE launched their individual IG pages on Tuesday, May 17, just two days after performing back-to-back concerts at Los Angeles’ Banc of California Stadium on Saturday, May 14, and Sunday, May 15. The shows were encore performances as part of the group’s fourth world tour, III, which kicked off in December 2021 following the November release of their third Korean studio album, Formula of Love: O+T=<3. According to a press release by Live Nation, TWICE was the first female K-pop act to ever headline a U.S. stadium.

Now, following rumors TWICE is gearing up to make another comeback, the group has only added to the speculation by opening up individual social media accounts. (Could it be promo for an upcoming release?) In order to not miss a single update, here’s where to follow the members of TWICE on Instagram.

Nayeon: @nayeonyny

Nayeon welcomed fans to her page by sharing a group photo at Banc of California Stadium in Los Angeles. The rest of the girls also posted the same photo to their accounts. She also posted a photo of herself give two spirited peace signs.

Jeongyeon: @jy_piece

Jeongyeon sent fans into a frenzy by sharing a close-up photo of herself getting her makeup done.

Momo: @momo

Momo’s IG handle is the easiest to remember because it’s just her name, and she’s already started filling up her page with backstage photos.

Sana: @m.by__sana

Sana posted a series of photos of herself posing inside the venue while wearing TWICE’s merch.

Jihyo: @_zyozyo

Fans are loving all these behind-the-scenes shots of TWICE, like this one of Jihyo just casually eating pizza in what appears to be her hotel room.

Mina: @mina_sr_my

Mina has already shared a number of photos of herself on her Instagram. Some of them show her in full glam, while others show her rocking a more casual look.

Dahyun: @dahhyunnee

After sharing TWICE’s group photo at the Banc of California Stadium, Dahyun posted a gorgeous photo of herself wearing the group’s merch. Her comments were flooded with fans admiring her beauty.

Chaeyoung: @chaeyo.0

Chaeyoung shared cute backstage photos of herself on Instagram after launching her account. She also posted a drawing of what looked like a bunny, which made fans believe they’ll be seeing plenty of artwork on her page.

Tzuyu: @thinkaboutzu

Tzuyu’s Instagram handle adorably incorporates her name. Besides sharing a photo of the girls at Banc of California Stadium, Tzuyu posted a vintage-looking photo of herself during TWICE’s “Alcohol-Free” era.

ONCE, make sure to follow all the girls on Instagram to keep up with all things TWICE!