Dylan O'Brien and Doja Cat's tweets are weird but flirty.

Dylan O'Brien And Doja Cat Are Having The Best, Weirdest Twitter Flirtationship

His self-proclaimed "slut era" is going strong.

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They may be famous, but when it comes to having fun on social media, celebrities are just like the rest of us. They shoot their shots in the DMs, steal their boyfriend’s clothes for an Instagram pic, and even freak out over one another in full-on fangirl moments. It’s always exciting when a little online flirting between two superstars shows up on the timeline, and the most recent viral exchange came courtesy of Doja Cat and Dylan O’Brien. The Twitter queen and Teen Wolf heartthrob got a little weird and flirty in a series of tweets, and it’s the best thing ever. Could there be romance simmering? You can definitely feel the sexual tension.

If you follow Doja Cat on her always chaotic socials, you’ll know the “Say So” singer loves cracking jokes and blasting hot takes on main. She’s so effortlessly funny, it’s not a surprise that the Teen Wolf actor took notice... especially since he’s been on a bit of a wild social media kick recently.

The Twitter exchange all started on April 28 when Doja Cat tweeted, “y’all dippin ur d*cks in smoked salmon before u hit the club so it smell like u got bitches,” to which O’Brien responded, “ur an icon.” He’s totally right BTW. Doja Cat replied to O’Brien minutes later by simply saying, “maze runner,” referring to the dystopian sci-fi film The Maze Runner which O’Brien starred in. What can I say, she saw the opportunity and didn’t hesitate to fire off a funny-weird response. Not to mention, this very public Twitter conversation happened all within eight minutes of Doja Cat’s first tweet.

To really make the most of the moment, Doja Cat even changed her Twitter name to “maze runner.”

A day later, Doja Cat explained her tweet saying, “i marinated on that smoked salmon tweet for 12 hours.”

And Doja Cat clearly wasn’t done marinating yet. A day later on April 29, she wrote, “maze runner is a movie about friendship and overcoming the impossible.” No tags or mentions, but The Maze Runner actor took the hint and wrote back, “u right,” in agreement with her review. Fans were screaming in the comments.

BTW, all this went down after a majorly attention-grabbing announcement from O’Brien. After videos of O’Brien dancing at Coachella went viral, the actor broke Twitter by tweeting out two simple words on April 27: “slut era.” If that means flirting with celebs on Twitter, he’s doing a great job.

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This isn’t the first time O’Brien has shown his love for Doja. Last fall, a TikTok of O’Brien dancing to Doja Cat’s “Get into It (Yuh)” blew up online. Clearly, these two are a match made in social media heaven.