Did Kim Kardashian wear Pete Davidson's sweatpants on Instagram?

Here’s Why Fans Think Kim Gave Pete A Secret Shoutout On IG

I guess now we know who wears the pants.

Paul Morigi/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Remember when Kete was just a Saturday Night Live-fueled rumor? Now, the duo is going IG-official, having public date nights, and gushing about their romance. But that doesn’t mean they’ve completely opened up. When it comes to Kete, there’s still some lingering coyness, and Kim Kardashian’s recent IG post is proof. In the poolside snap, posted on April 24, the reality star is wearing a bra and a pair of sweatpants... really long, oversized sweatpants. So, um, did Kardashian wear Pete Davidson’s pants on Instagram? This rumor is cheeky.

On April 24, Kardashian shared a carousel of photos, captioning it, “☀️ Sunday in my @skims ☀️.” And if the purpose of these pics was to get people talking, she succeeded. The comments section was full of praise for her Skims ’fit. Still, many fans were convinced that she outsourced her sweatpants from none other than Davidson.

“Those are Pete’s sweatpants 👀,” one fan wrote. Another commenter replied, “100%.” Plenty of other comments chorused that same thought. So why is everyone convinced that Kardashian borrowed her boyfriend’s pants? Well, the length is definitely more fitting for Davidson’s 6-foot-3-inch frame than Kardashian’s 5-foot-2-inch one. Plus, Kardashian’s stylist Simone Harouche left an interesting comment on the post, “My favorite pants!!!” Wait, these are her stylist’s fave pants but there’s no brand tag? Maybeee because they’re Davidson’s. (Yes, I’m officially spiraling over this.)

Of course, Kardashian’s IG comments section is not exactly full of foolproof theories. Take this post, for example. Plenty of other commenters focused on Kardashian’s lack of belly button in these snaps, accusing her of editing it out (even though her underwear is pretty clearly high-waisted).

That said, I can’t exactly take the Kardashian-Davidson Sweatpants Swap™ as fact, but that doesn’t make the theory any less intriguing. Sure, Kardashian could have bought herself some too-long-to-walk-in sweats, but it’s so much more fun to think that Davidson lent her a pair.

Plus, it’s not like this couple doesn’t share clothes. On April 19, Kardashian told E! that Davidson is a big fan of Skims, saying, “[Pete] has the boyfriend collection, the shirts and T-shirts and underwear. Super comfy.”

Kardashian hasn’t released a pair of boyfriend sweatpants just yet, but I have a feeling this IG rumor might give her some inspo. Not to mention, she’s already dating the perfect model for a sweatpants launch.