Kim Kardashian told Ellen Degeneres that she wants to hold onto her feelings for Pete Davidson "fore...

Kim Gave Her First Interview About Pete And Sounds So Smitten

She also hinted she might be with him "forever."

Arnold Jerocki/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

In the midst of drama and controversy, Kim Kardashian seems to be finding her bliss with BF Pete Davidson, who’s clearly stolen her heart in the months since October 2021 when they officially began dating. In a teaser clip released Wednesday, March 16, from an appearance on The Ellen Degeneres Show, Kim K was practically bursting with affection for her comedian beau — marking the first time she’s talked about her new relationship publicly.

“I have the cutest pictures of us, and I want to be like, ‘Oh, my God, we’re so cute,’ but then I’m like, ‘Don’t be so desperate. Don’t be posting so much, just give a glimpse,’” she told Ellen. The clip from Kim’s interview was released on the same day of yet another outburst from her ex, Kanye “Ye” West, who spouted an unsubstantiated claim on Instagram that he was “really concerned” Pete will get Kim “hooked on drugs” (despite the fact that Kim very rarely drinks alcohol).

In stark contrast, Kim’s chat with Ellen was sunny as ever. The beauty mogul cracked a joke about how she hadn’t dated since “before Instagram existed,” so she was unsure “what the rules” are about posting an SO on social media.

Kim, 41, also talked about how her perspective has shifted since she turned 40, and now again since dating Pete.

“It feels good,” she told Ellen. “I think it’s just in life, like no matter what it is, I encourage my friends and the people that I love just to be happy, and I went for it. I went for it, and you know what? I’m in my 40s, like, f*ck it — sorry — just go for it, find your happiness.”

She continued, “I went for it, and I took my time, and I found it, and it feels so good and I want to hold onto that forever.”

On March 14, Kim made her relationship with Pete IG official, posting a few cheeky couples pics in a carousel on her grid. After months of keeping their relationship relatively private, she’s transitioned to shamelessly flaunting their love, apparently unbothered by her ex’s unrelenting behavior. Since November, Ye has been harassing Pete on social media and derided him in interviews and lyrics. The rapper even released a music video featuring a Claymation version of the Saturday Night Live star that gets buried alive and decapitated.

Pete — who literally has Kim’s name branded on his chest, like, from a hot iron — appears to be indulging the bait at least a bit: On March 13, writer David Sirus posted screenshots to Instagram on Pete’s behalf of supposed texts between Pete and Ye. In one, Pete told the rapper he was “in bed with [his] wife.”

But while the boys spar, Kim appears to be keeping a cool head. It’s clear now more than ever that she will keep carrying on with business as usual, refusing to let the haters bring her down.