This Crazy Theory Ties Together Oz, Winter, & Kai In 'AHS: Cult'

by Billy Lorusso

OK, so we're pretty deep into the seventh season of American Horror Story, and, as expected, fans are already speculating about how the rest of the season will play out. Naturally, new fan theories are springing up every day and, especially, after every new episode; lately, the internet has seen some pretty intense ideas on how Kai could be connected to Ally and Ivy through their adopted son Oz. That being said, this theory connecting Oz, Winter, and Kai on AHS: Cult will have you shook and saying "Hmmm..."

By now you've likely read the popular theory that Kai is Oz's biological father and Ally is his mother, which would explain Ryan Murphy's comment earlier this year that Ally and Kai have a "love story for the ages" in Cult; while that is a possibility, one Redditor, BornThisLit, suggests Oz may actually be Kai and Winter's brother.

An interesting new take on the connection between Kai and our protagonists, this theory posits that Kai, Winter, and Oz are siblings and that Oz was given up for adoption, which is where Ally and Ivy come into play. Of course, if true, this would explain why Kai's cult has been targeting Ally so relentlessly — it's their attempt to drive her insane in order to reclaim Oz as their own. While there isn't too much support for the claim right now, it's still worth considering since anything is possible in AHS universe.


Now you may be wondering why the cult is targeting Ally, but not necessarily Ivy. Well, another theory — based on clues from earlier episodes in the season — puts Ivy as a member of the murderous cult of clowns, which would mean she's party to Kai and Winter's plan to play on Ally's fears and induct Oz into their cult. If true, this would definitely explain why Winter hasn't been fired yet after... you know... giving Oz that horrid Twisty doll and casually letting him witness a murder.

If this still sounds a bit far-fetched, though, think about the meaning behind Oz's full name: Ozymandias. It has been noted by particularly astute fans that Ozymandias is an ancient Greek name associated with larger-than-life rulers, specifically with the Egyptian pharaoh Ramses II. The name was popularized in the mid-nineteenth century by Percy Bysshe Shelley who wrote a sonnet bearing the name as its title; in the poem, Ozymandias is referred to as a “king of kings,” which may hint at his future as the leader of the cult.

Clearly, if Ryan Murphy's allusion to Shelley's poem is intentional (which, let's face it, it probably is), then the suggestion that Oz is related to Kai and Winter is quite realistic; now it's just a matter of waiting to see when and how that connection is revealed.

As of right now, there is a lot to figure out about the relationships between the characters, and much about the plot itself is still a mystery, as well. Indeed, it's unclear whether or not Oz was adopted by Ally and Ivy or if one of them used a sperm donor and carried him. When Winter asks him in the first episode which one of his mommies carried him in their belly, we never really get an answer from him; instead, he says, "I forgot, maybe they never told me." What is clear, though, is that Winter is actively trying to drive a wedge between Ally and Oz, most likely in an attempt to drive him closer to Ivy so that his induction into the cult is guaranteed.

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