This Tiny Detail In 'AHS: Cult' May Prove A Major Character Has Been A Murderer All Along

by Billy Lorusso

OK, American Horror Story fans, we're well into the seventh season of Ryan Murphy's twisted brainchild and, holy sh*t, is it good so far. In the past, Murphy and his team have scared the stuffing out of us through the use of supernatural storylines, but this time around the plot has to do with real life paranoia and fear in the aftermath of Trump's election; low and behold, that's just as haunting. Obviously, being a thriller, AHS is known for its surprise twists and dark turns, and, with that being said, a new clue about Ivy on AHS: Cult may hint at one of the darkest, most sinister plot twists in Horror Story history.

Right now, we don't know too much about how the characters on Cult are all connected, other than they all live in the same city. Later in the season I'm sure there will be a much bigger through line amongst them; for now, though, there are only a few connections that are known for certain: 1) Kai and Winter are brother and sister, 2) Ozzy is Ally and Ivy's adopted son, 3) Winter is Ozzy's nanny, and 4) Ally and Ivy are married. As far as the cult goes at this point, the only confirmed members are Kai and Winter; everyone else (the new neighbors, Ally's psychiatrist, etc.) is simply speculation. Except for Ally's wife, Ivy. Yea... she's definitely in the cult, too.

What?! Yea, you read that correctly. According to one major hidden-in-plain-sight clue in the first episode (recently pointed out by the shrewd amateur sleuth Identifree on Reddit), Ivy is almost 100% certainly part of the cult of clowns that's been running amuck, fornicating in the fresh fruit section of the local supermarket, terrorizing Ally, and murdering civilians galore.

Indeed, if you look closely at the minute details of the first episode of AHS: Cult, you'll notice Ivy wears the same blue and white striped shirt as one of the terrifying and mysterious clowns that Ally keeps seeing. Here Ivy is, wearing the shirt, talking with Ally at their restaurant, The Butchery on Main:


Here she is again, walking alongside her wife whilst wearing the shirt, unknowingly about to be assaulted with a deliciously frothy beverage from a nearby coffee shop:


And, finally, here she is masturbating in a restaurant (go to your car for Christ's sake...), wearing the same damn shirt.


I mean, you're not even trying to hide it, Ivy... this is just lazy. You only have one shirt, girl? Of course, this could be a coincidence, but is anything ever really a coincidence in Horror Story? Exactly.

Aside from the shirt, there are a few details from the full season preview that point to Ivy's ~potential~ connection to the cult. To begin, the snippet shows Ivy slapping Ally across the face. While this doesn't necessarily connect her to the clowns, it does depict tension between the couple.

Much more sinister though is this split-second shot of Ivy standing over a meat slicer, soaked in blood, with a maniacal grin on her face while Nanny of the Year, Winter, is watching in the background. As far as tip-offs go, I'd say this is a pretty big one. I seriously doubt this meets health codes.

Aside from these clues and clips, there have been several popular fan theories that tie Ivy to the cult. It's been suggested that Ozzy is Kai's son, and he is being groomed by Ivy and company to become the future leader of the cult. It's also been suggested that Ivy is Kai and Winter's biological sister, which would likely make her a major player in their twisted games.

Since this is AHS, we should be prepared for literally anything. Whatever Ryan Murphy has in store for us is — I'm sure — going to be a huge mindf*ck in the coming episodes. I guess all we can do for now is continue watching and looking for more clues that connect Ivy (or anyone else for that matter) to Kai's malevolent clique of masturbating clowns.

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