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Courtney Stodden's Response To Chrissy's "Cancel Club" IG Has Fans Split

People are debating if it holds Chrissy accountable, or if it's bullying.

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While Chrissy Teigen is stuck in “cancel club,” Courtney Stodden has some thoughts. Stodden — who was cyber-bullied by Tiegen when they were 16 — spoke out in May about the hateful posts and DMs Tiegen directed at them while they were married to actor Doug Hutchison, who was 50 at the time. As a result, Teigen faced backlash online, apologized, and took (yet another) hiatus from Twitter. But the cookbook author recently expressed how she’s been feeling after all the backlash, and Courtney Stodden’s response to Chrissy Tiegen’s “cancel club” Instagram has fans conflicted.

ICYMI: Ever since Stodden detailed the harassment they endured from Chrissy Teigen circa the early 2010s when Stodden and Hutchinson tied the knot and appeared on VH1’s Couple’s Therapy soon after, Tiegen has been under fire. Shortly after Stodden talked openly about her experience, Tiegen was heavily criticized online. On May 12, she issued an apology on Twitter, admitting she was “ashamed” of her actions and felt “lucky” to be held accountable for them. Stodden then announced they accepted Teigen’s apology but argued it felt like a “public attempt to save” her brand deals. Then, in June, Tiegen wrote a lengthy Medium essay about the situation, apologizing once again.

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Fast forward to now: There weren’t any new developments in the Stodden and Tiegen conflict until Teigen took to Instagram to vent about her current life. “Iiiii don’t really know what to say here... just feels so weird to pretend nothing happened in this online world but feel like utter shit in real life,” Teigen wrote on July 15, further describing where her head is at while in “cancel club.”

At one point in Teigen’s post, she said, “I don’t even know if it’s good to say any of this because it’s gonna get brutally picked apart,” which is a valid concern. The former model wasn’t wrong, either, because Stodden recently reacted to Tiegen’s IG post with a TikTok video that depicts them laughing at Teigen’s post. “Just be nice 🙃 #bully #bekind,” the caption said.

Now, fans are sharing their thoughts about the ongoing drama — and there seem to be *lots* of mixed feelings about whether or not Stodden’s response contradicted its own “be kind” message. In their TikTok’s comments section, the reality TV star’s supporters are defending Stodden’s actions. “What you’re doing here is not bullying like she did to you and countless others for years,” one user, @kcsastrolady, wrote. “It’s holding her accountable & having consequences.”

Another user, @carried_away28, shared a similar sentiment: “Talking badly about someone is not the same as talking about WHAT SOMEONE DID to you. Some of you need to learn that. CT was grown to [sic] know better.”

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In contrast, some Twitter users believe Stodden is only fighting fire with fire — aka combatting bullying with more bullying.

Stodden hasn’t yet responded to these bullying accusations, but they did “like” a few of the TikTok comments justifying their response. One of them was the aforementioned comment by @kcsastrolady, and they also liked a comment by another user, @sweetpea102080, who wrote: “Good! She can cry to John about it 😂.”