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John Got Real About How Chrissy Is Criticized More Than Him On Social Media

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Celebs — they’re just like us! Or, at least they are when it comes to swearing off social media and then logging back in days later. Truly quitting an app like Instagram or Twitter is so freaking hard, after all. That’s why it wasn’t too surprising when Twitter's unofficial mayor, Chrissy Teigen, returned to the social media platform just weeks after publicly calling it quits. She was transparent about why she came back, but recently, John Legend’s quotes about Chrissy Teigen quitting Twitter spilled even more tea.

While everyone has to deal with the negative aspects of social media, celebrities have to cope with an exponential amount of negative energy from haters on a regular basis — and bad vibes are what prompted Teigen to quit Twitter altogether. On March 24, the former Sports Illustrated cover star announced she’d be leaving and provided her reasoning in a lengthy series of tweets. In the thread, she said she didn't like being perceived as a "clapback girl" and didn't vibe with all the negativity she was facing.

It sucks that Teigen felt like her identity was being misconstrued, since her outspokenness on the platform made so many of her 13 million followers happy. That's why when she returned to the app just three weeks later on April 16, she was met with a super warm welcome from the Twitter community.

Even though her return was relieving, you might still be wondering if Teigen’s explanation was the ~full story~. So it’s a good thing John Legend’s recent comments about his wife’s social media saga are super honest. In a May 3 interview with People’s People Every Day podcast, Teigen’s husband said quitting social media isn’t easy.

"So much of Chrissy's career has been built off of her interaction with people and her getting to know her audience and them getting to know her,” he said. “She doesn't want to close herself off to it, but at the same time, it can be toxic sometimes… So she quit Twitter for a little while, thinking that might be the answer, but she realized that she missed it too much.”

Legend’s comments perfectly explained why Teigen came back. However, the Grammy-winning musician noted women face more “scrutiny” on social media in general. For instance, he said women have to worry about their physical appearance more; he also thinks haters are more comfortable saying disrespectful things to women.

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I totally see where Teigen is coming from. Having to constantly put up with other people’s perceptions, expectations, and misogyny can be so discouraging! However, it’s great to know Legend backs his wife’s super valid decisions — and this supportiveness is yet another reason why Teigen and Legend are relationship #goals!