New Pic Of Corinne Kissing DeMario Has Bachelor Nation Questioning The Entire Scandal


Soooo, I guess that whole Bachelor in Paradise scandal is water under the bridge now? The two contestants at the center of the murky incident that nearly led to the cancellation of the series reunited on Wednesday night, and instead of fighting or avoiding one another, they embraced in hugs and kisses. And now, these new lovey-dovey pictures of Corinne and DeMario have fans rethinking everything about that scandal between them.

Both DeMario Jackson and Corinne Olympios have spoken out multiple times since news broke back in June about allegations of misconduct between them while filming Bachelor in Paradise. Both contestants have said the fallout from the incident was the worst part of it all. Most recently, DeMario said he was surprised by how quickly things moved between himself and Corinne in that pool, but didn't think anything wrong happened. Corinne said she has no memory of the event due to mixing prescription drugs and alcohol, but affirmed she doesn't blame DeMario or the Bachelor in Paradise producers.

Although DeMario and Corinne did not return to Bachelor in Paradise after the show returned from its production hiatus to investigate the charges made by a producer, it seems they are definitely not avoiding one another. The two reunited outside the Nightingale club in West Hollywood on Wednesday night, and Corinne confirmed their friendship to photographers, according to E! News.

We're friends! We never had bad blood.

Hmmm, okay. So what exactly happened in that Bachelor in Paradise pool to bring the show to the brink of cancellation? Although both contestants have released various statements and given multiple interviews in the wake of the investigation (which Warner Bros. reported found no signs of misconduct), they haven't given fans any specifics. Clearly, they seem to just want to let the drama die, but Bachelor Nation still has some questions.