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Tweets About DeMario’s ‘Bachelor In Paradise’ Interview Are Heartbreaking


If you thought Bachelor in Paradise was finally done exploiting the drama of sexual misconduct allegations, think again! In Tuesday night's episode of the reality dating show, host Chris Harrison sat down in-studio for a tell-all interview with DeMario Jackson about what happened between him and Corinne Olympios. And DeMario's Bachelor in Paradise interview with Chris Harrison was certainly emotional.

Not only was DeMario there, but many of the Season 4 cast were present, too. First, the cast went around and adamantly testified that nothing "bad" happened between DeMario and Corinne. Raven and Jasmine explained why they felt "compelled" to defend DeMario's name on the record.

Then finally, finally DeMario came out to speak for himself in the last 20 minutes of the episode. First, Chris Harrison had DeMario walk through his version of events from those first two days of shooting.

"The only thing I knew about Corinne was that she was the wild one from Nick's season," DeMario said. "We got turnt up. We're hanging out, we're at the bar, and next thing I know we're making out. This was quick – like an hour or so."

"She was like, 'let's go to the pool,'" he continued. "One thing leads to another and the pool gets a little intense... I didn't think anything of it."


"The next day was fine. Corinne and I discussed how she knows how to make fine," DeMario said, adding that he "cried in his hotel" room when he found out Paradise was shutting down.

"I'm not complaining, she's not complaining, it's on tape," DeMario said. Even when he got home, DeMario said he still didn't understand what the situation had become. "I sent Corinne a message like, 'Yo we broke Paradise,' as a joke."

Then DeMario said he started reading articles about things he never did, like one suggesting he had sexually assaulted Corinne. At this point, he started tearing up and getting emotional. "Michelle Obama said when they go low, we go high, but it's tough," he said through tears.


"Seeing my mom cry, every single day, it's difficult," he said, adding that he deactivated his mom's social media so that she wouldn't "go to war" on the internet to defend him.

On Corinne, DeMario said, "I wish we could have spoke. I feel bad for her, because she was slut-shamed."

Meanwhile, Twitter was not happy with the way ABC continues to focus on this whole incident.

Back in June, filming was briefly suspended on Bachelor in Paradise due to an allegation of sexual misconduct between DeMario and Corinne. Rumors circulated that DeMario had allegedly taken advantage of Corinne when she was unable to consent. Warner Bros conducted an internal investigation of the incident, and released the following statement on June 20,

Having concluded that no misconduct had transpired, the show resumed filming. However, Corinne's legal team had previously released a statement stating that Corinne was a "victim." She said,

DeMario, on the other hand, has maintained that his character has been "assassinated" by these allegations. He said in his own statement,

Corinne will also give her version of events in her own sit-down interview with Chris Harrison next week. So stay tuned!