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Connor Brennan on Season 17 of 'The Bachelorette' on ABC

Connor B.'s Song Lyrics For Katie On The "Men Tell All" Were Adorbs

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Connor Brennan has been a major wild card on Season 17 of The Bachelorette. Fans met the 29-year-old Tennessee native during his intro package in the premiere episode, which involved him playing a ukulele in the bathtub. Throughout the season, Connor’s musical prowess continued to be showcased, which is why it wasn’t a major surprise the Nashville musician sang once again during the July 26 episode. And whether you’re a fan or not, you gotta admit: Connor B.'s song lyrics for Katie on the "Men Tell All" special were actually pretty adorable.

Even though initially Connor gave Bachelor Nation major Jed Wyatt flashbacks — since they’re both musicians from Tennessee — it turned out he was much less of a villain than the Season 15 winner. After he had a fun limo entrance (which involved dressing up like a cat, since Katie loves felines) the couple struck up a fast connection. “He gets my sense of humor,” Katie said on Night 1. “Coming out in a cat costume is the way to my heart.”

Unfortunately, after a decent stint on the show, Connor got eliminated during his 1-on-1 date in Week 6. Katie’s reasoning was that something was missing when they kissed, and so she sent him home. But despite their lack of spark, Katie thought he was “such a great guy” who anyone would be “lucky” to be with. And after listening to Connor’s song on the “Men Tell All” episode, it’s clear there’s no bad blood between them.

During the July 26 episode, Connor was called up to the hot seat, where he proved he wasn’t a bad kisser by making out with a random audience member (read: probable producer plant).

Later, though, he went from steamy seducer back to his “aw shucks” persona when he pulled out his ukulele and sang a super sweet tune that had the entire audience joining in. Check out the lyrics and try to hold back your tears:

Verse 1

Now I know you’re all sick of my songs

But I figured one more couldn’t hurt

It all started that one fateful night

With a ball pit, a box, and a cat

You were the prettiest thing I’d ever seen

Why’d I kiss you like a maniac

Verse 1

Katie, I loved every moment we had

From the paws, to the puns, to the end

And I know I didn’t win your heart

But I walked out with 30 new friends


Katie, we’re lucky you gave all of us half a chance

But the guys on this season have got me believing in bromance

The guys on this season have got me believing in bromance

The guys on this season have got me believing in bromance

While he might not have gotten Katie’s final rose, at least Connor will have another shot at love. The charming musician was cast on Bachelor in Paradise Season 7, so if things don’t work out with Tara, the girl from the audience who he kissed, there’s hope he’ll find his puuurfect partner in Paradise.

Season 17 of The Bachelorette airs Mondays at 8 p.m. ET on ABC.