4 Clues On Whether Or Not Rachel & Bryan Had Sex In The 'Bachelorette' Fantasy Suite

by Dylan Kickham
ABC/Rodrigo Varela

The Bachelorette finale is finally here to answer all of our pressing question about Rachel Lindsay's season. Of course, the big question is who ends up getting engaged to Rachel, but I'm here to talk about something much steamier than that — enough with the wedding ring, let's talk about the fantasy suite. As everyone in Bachelor Nation knows, the season finale is usually when the contestants take things to the... ahem... next level in the more tastefully-named Bachelorette version of Jersey Shore's Smush Room. And with one finalist clearly getting hot and heavy with Rachel at every opportunity, the question we're all pondering is did Bachelorette Rachel and Bryan have sex in the finale?

It's been clear since day one Rachel and Bryan have an attraction to one another that may seem more sexual than romantic (TBT to Rachel giving Bryan the first impression rose after making out with him in the premiere), so it only seems natural they would fantasy suite it up in the finale. I mean, you both clearly love making out with each other every other second, why not finally take it to the bedroom?

But although Rachel does take Bryan to the Fantasy Suite, it doesn't necessarily mean they had sex. Rachel told Entertainment Tonight she used her time in the Fantasy Suite to ask her final three contestants a list of questions in order to see if they acted differently away from cameras. But judging from how Rachel and Bryan have been acting this season, I think Bachelor Nation can assume Rachel did more than just ask him some questions in that private room. Don't believe me? Well, let's go over all the signs throughout the season pointing to Rachel and Bryan totally getting it on.


1. The obvious attraction

More than any other contestant, it's super clear Rachel finds Bryan to be the most attractive. As already mentioned, she made out with him one day one, gave him the first impression rose, and continued to make out with him pretty much every episode following.

2. Bryan's "player" persona

Various contestants and fans of the show have pointed out a kind of sleazy vibe they get from Bryan, assuming he might be a smooth-talking player. Ironically enough, Bryan was on a dating show about picking up women before this that was literally called The Player. So, Bryan seems to definitely know how to seal the deal with someone he's interested in.

3. Dean's "blinded by lust" comment

Rachel's sexual attraction to Bryan is very clear to his fellow contestants. After he was eliminated, Dean told Entertainment Tonight he feels Rachel is blinded by her lust for Bryan. If Dean's right, it sounds like Rachel is definitely going to want to fully utilize her Fantasy Suite time with Bryan.

4. Bryan's chances to win

The best clue pointing to Rachel and Bryan hooking up of them all is the rumors Bryan is going to wind up winning this season. Last week, Rachel's bestie dropped a major clue seemingly making it obvious Bryan was going to wind up engaged to Rachel, revealing the couple planned an engagement party in both Rachel's hometown of Dallas and Bryan's hometown of Miami. If she's going to get married to the guy, then of course it's time to take things to the bedroom.