6 Classic '90s Shows And Movies That Should Be Remade Next

by Vannessa Jackson
Warner Bros. Television

This season of television has brought with it a lot of long lost childhood friends -- shout out to Corey and Topanga!

Some have come back as remakes, some as spin-offs and many as just pure continuations of the same show, but no matter what, this is absolutely the year of recycled television.

We can't blame the networks because hits like "Girl Meets World" are ringing in the fans, and even adding a new generation of viewers for old cult classics.

With so much fresh and innovative television on the air this year, it's hard to believe fans are still craving throwbacks to some of the gems of the '80s, '90s and classic 2000s.

With entertainment like "22 Jump Street," "Fuller House" and "The X-Files" being brought back, we're keeping hope alive for some of our forgotten favorites.

Here are six shows and movies from the '90s that need to make a comeback (Netflix, help a girl out):

1. "What I Like About You" 

This was some of Amanda Bynes' finest work. Truthfully, it might be even better than "The Amanda Show."

Not to mention it's every girls dream?!? Living with your sister in a trendy New York City apartment, having a great sense of fashion (for the time period) and dating Vince -- it's literally impossible not to love this show.

Show me someone who doesn't, I dare you.

2. "Clueless"

With this year being the 20th anniversary of the movie, it only seems natural that a sequel be in the works. (Please, someone answer my prayers.)

This was the ultimate reality show before reality TV even existed and we can all relate to it. I mean, Cher was a beautiful, confident girl with a great BFF and she still found herself hung up over boys. So. Relatable.

We can only hope Cher and Dionne would be lounging around Beverly Hills with the Kardashian clan nowadays.

3. "Sister, Sister"

Tia and Tamera are the queens of the late '90s, and we need them back. Was I the only one jealous that they were TWINS? Like, that's so cool. I wish I had someone to pretend to be me so I could go on a date with a cute boy without getting in trouble.

With everyone from the show still alive, well and thriving in their own respective careers, this would be the perfect time to round up the old gang -- even Roger. Although, expect him to get sent home halfway through.

4. "Dawson's Creek"

Is there even a need to explain this one?

"Dawson's Creek" made us laugh, cry, grossed us out (yes, I'm talking about Pacey's affair with his teacher), but mostly it just related to us.

I would kill to see the adult version of this show. Take us back to the creek just one more time, Netflix.

5. "Fresh Prince of Bel-Air"

Let's be honest: The world is long overdue for a "Fresh Prince of Bel-Air" reunion.

OK, a movie might be a bit too much, but I think everyone would benefit from an hour-long made-for-TV special. Right? Don't we all miss Carlton's dance moves?

6. "Friends"

No comeback list should ever exist without an ode to the best sitcom of our generation. The. Best. Ever.

This show was truly one for the books. The world of TV has not been the same since Ross, Rachel, Phoebe, Monica, Chandler and Joey left. And to be honest: Has any show ever captured a more perfect friendship than theirs? I don't think so.

It may be too soon for any of the stars to consider returning for a reunion, but hope remains they'll one day return to Central Perk for one last cup of coffee.