Why Reality TV Is Like A Drug With Bad Side Effects

Reality TV has been expanding its horizons for years now and it is has officially reached the pinnacle of stupidity. Millions of people around the world sit down after a long day of work and unwind with their favorite reality TV shows, but little do they know... they are getting dumber by the second.

Reality TV is like garbage for the mind. It is also like a highly addictive drug. It may feel good and calm you down to watch people who have bigger problems than you, but at the end of the show, there is absolutely nothing gained and only time lost.

With our generation glued to the TV night after night watching shows religiously like "The Bachelor" and "Jersey Shore," there is nothing to be learned, but for some reason we keep watching it. Once we start, we can't stop and then before you know it the day is over.

Right now we live in a dark world taken over by shows like "Here Comes Honey Boo" and "Real Housewives" of every f*cking city in the United States. Shows like these not only dumb it down for the viewers, but they make them ignorant and oblivious to the real world that they are surrounded by and not some reality TV douche bag.

Reality TV has made ordinary people uber famous for just being themselves, so I guess that's a positive, but it's all of the people that are watching that are taking the true blow.


Look at the Kardashians for instance. Just a regular wealthy family doing outlandish sh*t that got turned into a multi-million dollar empire because they got a TV show on E!. Now you can't go one day without hearing their names or reading an article about them on the internet.

It's come to the point where reality TV is like a guilty pleasure to people, just so they can chill and watch some drama go down. Whether it's watching Honey Boo Boo eating lunch or Kim Kardashian going to a doctor's appointment, people are still glued to the TV waiting to see what will happen next.


At this point, even the reality TV gameshows are getting repetitive and stupid. Shows like "Dancing With The Stars" and "Survivor" are on there 874th season and yet nothing has changed at all. By watching shows like these, season after season, you are essentially watching the same exact thing.

Then there are shows like "American Idol." Yeah, it was a good time for a while watching someone achieve their dreams and become a singer, but then networks started to copy each other. It has become old very fast and there has been an influx of talent shows all with an identical purpose. "American Idol" spawned shows like "The X Factor," "The Voice" and "America's Got Talent," and now there is not one week of the year where one of these shows is not playing on primetime TV.

Watching a season of reality TV is a big commitment these days. You have to put countless hours aside to watch the show and sit through all of the pointless conversations and fights. Then after the show ends you have to put some more time aside to chat about how controversial it was on social media.


Many people claim to hate reality TV and everything it stands for, but those are the same exact people who sit down night after night watching the people they just hated on. After hours and hours of watching reality TV, the human brain goes to mush and nothing seems important except the little fantasy world that you're living in.

Reality TV is also like the kiss of death for any celebrity that decides to be a part of it. Sure, everyone gets their 15 minutes of fame but after it's over, it leaves them miserable and wanting more. I don't think there's been one couple who have had a reality TV show together and have actually lasted. Relationships fall apart, enemies are made, people are scrutinized and ordinary people become D-List celebrities. That's how the cycle works.

Every once in a while a reality show like "Shark Tank," where you can actually learn something comes into play. "Shark Tank" is special though because it's not like watching someone's everyday life and it's more about learning about business. "Shark Tank" teaches you many things: like how to invest your money, grow a company and think smarter. Unfortunately, there aren't many reality TV shows like "Shark Tank."


In conclusion, everyone should take some time before they pick up that remote and think about turning on some reality TV. Think about all the productive things you could be doing with that precious time and all of the goals you can accomplish. Instead of watching "Teen Mom" and increasing your stupidity, you can be working out at the gym or socializing with some friends. I know it can be very addictive and even relaxing at times, but it isn't doing a thing to help you in the long run. If you want to grow wealthy and powerful, reality TV is definitely not the key. So just think about that.

Colby Eis | Elite.

Photo Credit: Getty Images

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