17 Crazy Facts About 'Friends' That Will Remind You Why It's Your Favorite Show

This September, it will have been 20 years since the first episode of "Friends" aired. That's freaking crazy. "Friends" is, without question, in the pantheon of all-time great TV sitcoms. It had great characters, enduring storylines and plenty of charm and wit to boot.

Though, it's not quite the anniversary of the show's original air date, we thought we'd quench your thirst for all things "Friends" a little early. Plus, do we really need an excuse to post about "Friends"? No.

So, just for the hell of it, here are 17 crazy facts you probably didn't know about "Friends."

1. I think Jen made the right choice, don't you?

 2. I guess a broken mirror doesn't always equal seven years of bad luck.

 3. "Friends" was great, but not without its flaws.

 4. Well, we really dodged a bullet with this one.

 5. It's like wearing two fat suits at the same time.

 6. I guess fifth time's a charm.

 7. Remind me never to make a bet with Matthew Perry.

 8. All right, ready friends? And break!

 9. Little did he know, he'd be making $1 million per episode in a few years.

 10. I think Matthew Perry would make a lovely man-servant.

 11. What an auspicious honor...

 12. What the hell? I thought this thing was shot in New York.

 13. See, being a barista does pay off sometimes, Mom.

 14. Oh man, if I could have just starred on one episode of "Friends" I'd be rolling in dough right now.

 15. A pilot by any other name would be as funny.

 16. Yeah, guy. Of course, you had a crush on Jennifer Aniston. She's Jennifer Aniston.

 17. Ducks are the fiercest killers in the animal kingdom.

H/T: Tumblr