Chase from Netflix's 'Too Hot To Handle'

This Too Hot To Handle Star Is Already Huge On TikTok

That's probs why you recognize him.


Whoever handles casting for Too Hot to Handle seriously deserves a raise considering they’ve selected the perfect ensemble for its Season 2 cast. Not only are the contestants easy on the eyes, but they all have cool personalities to boot, which is evident from the way the group seems to get along (for the most part). There’s Larissa Trownson, who on top of being beautiful also happens to be a freaking lawyer. And who could forget Marvin Anthony? The 6’4” Parisian effortlessly balances modeling with being a businessman. The list goes on. But 24-year-old Chase DeMoor was already used to having admirers even before landing his latest gig. The Seattle native is no stranger to the limelight and has the comedic chops to relish in it.

His humor quickly stole the show as he regularly makes (sometimes cringe-worthy) jokes, including, “Chase does enjoy the chase.” And who could forget the scene when a cockroach literally flew onto his face right in the middle of an intimate conversation? It was definitely one of the show’s more stressful moments. But even though Chase professed to have a “100 out of 10” sex drive, he quickly formed a more meaningful relationship with Carly Lawrence, a model from Canada. At one point, he even opened up more when he was feeling insecure about his and Carly’s relationship, admitting his trust issues stem from his ex-girlfriend cheating on him.

Funny, attractive, and down to form meaningful connections? Chase definitely checks a lot of boxes.

Chase From Too Hot To Handle’s Job

An athlete, Chase plays football for the Linemen. His team plays in the Spring League, which is not the same as the NFL, but is still considered professional football. He has also played for a Canadian team in the past.

Chase From Too Hot To Handle’s Social Media

Chase has a pretty solid presence on social media, with his Instagram currently at over 101,000 followers. He’s way more popular on Tiktok, with over 1 million followers on the app. Chase’s variety of videos include everything from a duet with his Too Hot To Handle co-star Cam Holmes, to clips about football and videos of his family. Of course, his TikTok will also make you laugh.

Chase From Too Hot To Handle’s Future Plans

Though Chase and Carly did face some relationship issues during the first four episodes, they’re clearly enamored with each other. Viewers will finally know whether the two stayed together throughout the retreat on Wednesday, June 30, when Netflix drops the last batch of episodes. But as of now, it seems like the two are still good friends as they regularly interact on Instagram.