Carly in 'Too Hot To Handle'

Everything To Know About Carly From Too Hot To Handle

For one, she doesn't like to follow the rules.


Too Hot To Handle has officially become a summer staple. The second season of the Netflix reality show dropped in late June and has consistently ranked in the streamer’s top 10 most-watched shows in the U.S. Which is no surprise considering the series’ premise is absolutely bonkers: a dating show with no kissing, heavy touching, or sex allowed. But when Season 1 premiered back in 2020, the concept was actually relatable for the millions watching during quarantine, when the thought of even hugging your best friend was intimidating. Fast forward one year later, during #hotvaxsummer, and the premise is pretty wild, perhaps a bit cruel.

Just like last season, there are plenty of contestants who aren’t very good at following rules, including Season 2 contestant Carly Lawrence. While Carly may seem to be the quintessential all-American girl, she actually hails from Toronto, Canada. During her initial intro, the 24-year-old claimed to be a man-eater afraid of commitment and said she preferred “one-night hangouts” to serious relationships. So it was surprising when the Canadian cozied up to Chase, a professional football player, early on in the game. Still, just 24 hours after the sex ban took place, Carly already broke the rules by kissing Chase... and then kissing Peter.

She did say she was a rule breaker.

Carly From Too Hot To Handle’s Job

Given her toned body and great smile, it should come as no surprise that Carly is a model. However, a Netflix press release states that Carly used to be a professional dancer, though it doesn’t specify what kind of dance she performed.

Carly From Too Hot To Handle’s Social Media

Carly’s Instagram page has over 78,000 fans and includes tons of pictures of the former dancer looking hot. She doesn’t seem to be one to share the spotlight as her Instagram primarily includes photos of herself. From mirror selfies to modeling shots, the Too Hot To Handle contestant has 114 posts dating back to 2014.

Carly also has a Tiktok, though she currently only has a few videos up. Though Instagram is her most active platform, the model has been interacting with fans on her Twitter page, too.

She also has her own website linked to her OnlyFans and Fanchella accounts as well.

Carly From Too Hot To Handle’s Future Plans

Are Carly and Chase still together?

From the get-go, the couple formed a special connection. The two shared a bed the very first night, making their feelings crystal clear for one another. But they still faced plenty of roadblocks. In Episode 2, Carly’s kiss with Peter made the football player second guess his commitment to her. The model apologized and made things right with Chase, but was chosen to go on a date with another contestant on Episode 4, making Chase uneasy again. Luckily for him, the date made Carly realize she wanted to stay with him.

And from the looks of their Instagram pages, it’s clear the two are still friendly despite having left the island. Chase has been leaving supportive comments on Carly’s posts, and the model has even tagged him in a post.

Viewers will have to wait until Netflix releases the final batch of episodes on June 30 to see whether the two remain an item throughout the season.