Marvin Anthony from 'Too Hot To Handle'

This Too Hot To Handle Contestant Brings The Heat All The Way From Paris

But can he handle the rules of the retreat?


With an ever-growing catalog of TV shows on Netflix — including the frankly bizarre upcoming show Sexy Beastsit can be hard for new series to stand out from the rest. But that wasn’t the case for Too Hot To Handle, the instant reality TV hit that premiered amid the coronavirus pandemic in 2020. The series has been praised for its innovative take on a dating show: contestants must remain celibate and keep their hands to themselves in order to cash in a coveted $100,000 prize. Luckily for fans, Netflix just dropped Too Hot To Handle Season 2, and it’s filled to the brim with beautiful people. And at 6’4”, Marvin Anthony definitely stands out.

One of the few contestants not from the U.S, Marvin is Parisian, hailing all the way from France. He quickly made a name for himself for his charming ways. Not only does he have a great smile and very well-defined abs, but have you heard the man speak French? It’s a magical experience.

It didn’t take long for Marvin to couple up with Melinda Melrose, a 28-year-old model from Brooklyn. And while they each professed their passion for each other early on, Marvin made it clear he wanted to keep his options open. For instance, just minutes after breaking the rules and kissing Melinda, he swooped in on Emily Faye Miller, a model from the U.K. Still, that doesn’t mean the Parisian doesn’t have a sensitive side, which became evident when he gave Melinda the silent treatment after she kissed Peter in Episode 2. But soon after making up with Melinda, the 6’4” contestant had his eyes set on Christina Carmela, a new member who joined the cast during Episode 4.

Clearly, he’s a lady’s man.

Marvin From Too Hot To Handle’s Job

A man of many talents, Marvin has quite an impressive resume. His Netflix bio states that he played professional basketball in France, received his master’s degree in finance from EMLV Business School in 2019, and models professionally. His LinkedIn also states that he founded his own business called Izires, a “Startup providing Conciergery services for influencers.”

Marvin From Too Hot To Handle’s Social Media

Marvin has amassed quite the Instagram presence, with over 300,000 followers. His page includes modeling shots with brands like Nike, basketball pictures, and even a throwback photo of himself as a kid.

The entrepreneur also has a YouTube channel, and while most of his videos are at least a year old, he recently uploaded a video after the show’s Season 2 premiere. He also has a Tiktok and includes his Snapchat handle on his Instagram page as well.

Marvin From Too Hot To Handle’s Future Plans

Fas are probably wondering whether Marvin and Melinda are still an item.

The models have had a bit of a rocky relationship throughout the first four episodes of the show, but viewers will have to wait until Monday, June 30, when Netflix releases the final episodes to learn whether the duo sticks together. For now, Marvin and Melinda seem to be on good terms as they follow and interact with each other on Instagram.