The cast of Sexy Beasts in costume

Netflix's New, Costume-Themed Dating Show Has Twitter Spiraling

What did I just watch?

by Ani Bundel

The advent of The Masked Singer in the United States brought a new twist to the reality show fare as TV fans knew it. After decades of contestants who built up followings due to their style or celebrities who got people to vote for them because of name recognition, anonymity was in. The conceit has now spread beyond the world of singing competitions. When The Masked Dancer debuted in the winter of 2020, it seemed only a matter of time before someone took the logical next step and married it to a dating show. And as Twitter’s reaction to Netflix’s Sexy Beasts trailer shows, the results are... bizarre in the extreme.

It didn’t take long for Sexy Beasts to capture the attention of potential viewers. The series was announced to have been picked up for two seasons on June 22, 2021. According to Variety, the concept is simple: “Singles heading into blind dates transformed into various animals and mythical creatures through the use of Hollywood movie prosthetics.” In short, Love Is Blind meets The Masked Singer by way of SyFy’s Face-Off. The six-episode series will arrive July 21, with a second set of six episodes to follow later in the year.

By June 23, Twitter had gotten ahold of the trailer and chaos ensued.

Now, let’s address elephant in the room:

When most people think of people having sex in costumes dressed as animals, they think of furries. Furries would like you to know they aren’t associated with Sexy Beasts; they don’t know her.

But the best part was those who were already hard at work deciding what their costume would be if they got to join the show. Clearly, there is a market for those ready to sign up for if (when?) Netflix greenlights Season 3.

When you’ve reached Kafka on Twitter, that’s the end of the internet. Please keep a step back, so no one falls off into the abyss.

Sexy Beasts will drop all six episodes of its first season on July 21, 2021. Season 2 is expected to follow before the end of 2021.