Cam from 'Too Hot To Handle' Season 2 is at the center of all the drama.

Here's All The Dirt We Could Dig Up About Cam From Too Hot To Handle

He's stirring up some ~drama~ on the show.


The new season of Too Hot To Handle has only just begun, but one contestant is already at the center of major drama on the show. South Wales native Cam Holmes walked into the villa as a man full of surprises — he may look like a gym-obsessed model, but he revealed he actually has a nerdy side. Not only does he have a Lord of the Rings tattoo, but he also gave fans an eerily perfect Gollum impression. However, his geeky charms aren’t helping him win over the rest of the cast after committing several rule breaks early in the season. If you can’t get enough of the grinning rebel, here’s everything to know about Too Hot To Handle’s Cam, including his real job and impressive social media presence:

As always, there’s a ton of tension in the Too Hot To Handle house this season, and a lot of it has to do with Cam. The charming Brit set his sights on Emily pretty much right off the bat, and the new couple quickly became inseparable. But of course, that’s not really a good thing on Too Hot To Handle. Cam and Emily were the first couple to break the rules, deciding to make out mere hours into the game, and they just kept on breaking them from there. By the end of the first four episodes, Cam and Emily were responsible for half of all the rule breaks among the contestants. If that wasn’t enough, the fourth episode introduced a new player named Christina, whom Cam seemed prepared to fully ditch Emily for despite being coupled up the whole game. Basically, Cam’s in hot water with pretty much everyone at this point.

Cam From Too Hot To Handle’s Job

It should come as no surprise that Cam is one of the many Too Hot To Handle contestants who works as a model. He’s signed to the U.K.-based modeling agency FOMO Models. You can see Cam’s modeling portfolio on the agency’s website. Interestingly enough, Cam’s Too Hot To Handle love interest Emily is also signed to FOMO Models, so that’s something they can bond over.

Cam From Too Hot To Handle’s Social Media

Cam’s Instagram is full of professional modeling photos, interspersed with a fair amount of bathroom mirror selfies. He shows off more of his nerdy side on TikTok, on which he posts videos about Marvel movies and video games. He’s also on Twitter, but doesn’t seem to use it frequently.

Cam From Too Hot To Handle’s Future Plans

It looks like Cam is hoping to capitalize on his newfound reality TV fame by getting into YouTube. Cam has a YouTube channel set up, but has yet to upload any videos to it. Fans can likely expect him to jump into the YouTuber game soon enough, so you’ll likely be able to keep seeing him on your screens long after his time on Too Hot To Handle ends.

Get ready for Cam to stir up more drama when the second half of Too Hot To Handle Season 2 drops on Netflix on Wednesday, June 30.