Charli D'Amelio responsed to Chase Hudson's diss track about her.

Charli Had The Perfect Clapback To Huddy's Song About Her

She’s living up to the showstopper label.

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You heard it here first: Charli D’Amelio isn’t afraid to clapback — especially when the situation calls for it. During an Oct. 5 episode of the BFFs podcast, Charli responded to Chase “Huddy” Hudson’s song about her, and I’m giggling at the shade. ICYMI, in “All The Things I Hate About You,” released on July 29, Huddy not-so-subtly called Charli “a showstopper, bad liar, homie hopper, drama starter.” Oh, and he also accused her of “stab[bing] [him] in the back like nothing.” Big oof. But it doesn’t seem like the shade bothered the queen of TikTok too much.

During the interview, host Dave Portnoy asked Charli how she felt about the viral track. “I love that people think about me enough to write songs about me,” the TikTok star joked in response. The subtle roast was surprising, but also kinda everything. Even Charli’s sister, Dixie D’Amelio, seemed shocked by her shady response. “Oh God, you’re gonna regret that answer,” Dixie told her.

On a more serious note, Charli clarified, “I’m happy with my life right now, and I don’t regret anything that has happened.” Even so, it seemed like she wasn’t quite sure what fans would think of her interview answer. In a TikTok video of the podcast, Charli nervously smiled and held up her hand to show how much it was shaking.

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Interviews aside, it seems like Charli has completely moved on from the Huddy drama. I mean, it has been awhile. The duo reportedly dated from December 2019 to April 2020. And despite their messy breakup — ICYMI, when they split, there were some nasty rumors that Huddy cheated on Charli with *multiple* girls — it seems like everyone is over it.

These days, Charli looks super happy with her new BF, Landon Barker (one of Huddy’s friends — hence the “homie hopper” line). The duo reportedly started seeing each other in June before confirming their romance with a July 17 Instagram Story, per People.

During the podcast, Charli did mention that Landon is working on music of his own, so maybe we’ll get a diss track response song? TBD.