Did Chase Hudson shade Charli D'Amelio in his song "All The Things I Hate About You?"

Wait, Did Chase Call Charli A “Homie Hopper” In His New Song?

That doesn’t sound like a compliment.

By Ilana Frost
Phillip Faraone/WireImage/Getty Images, David Livingston/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Oof, the TikTok tea is reaching dangerous temperatures these days. Let’s just say, Chase Hudson does not seem to ship Charli D’Amelio and Landon Barker’s new relationship. On July 25, Hudson (aka Huddy) shared a sneak peek of his new single “All The Things I Hate About You” on TikTok, and fans think there’s some major shade toward D’Amelio in the lyrics. So, um, did Hudson insult D’Amelio in his new song? Here’s why fans think so. (Elite Daily reached out to reps for D’Amelio and Hudson about the song’s meaning, but did not hear back in time for publication.)

During the 14-second teaser clip, Hudson sang about someone who apparently “stabbed [him] in the back like nothing,” and called them “a showstopper, bad liar, homie hopper, drama starter.” Um, what was that? “Homie hopper,” you say? As in someone who dates more than one person in a friend group?

Considering D’Amelio is now dating Barker (you know, Hudson’s former BFF), it certainly sounds like this could be a dig at the TikTok star. ICYMI, Hudson and D’Amelio started dating in December 2019. They broke up in April 2020, but things still seemed amicable... until recently.

D’Amelio and Barker reportedly started dating in June, and only one day after sources confirmed the romance, Hudson unfollowed both of them, according to screenshots from the original TikTokroom Instagram account. Per E!, Hudson also deleted all of his photos with Barker from Instagram following reports of the relationship.

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That’s not all. On July 18, Barker and D’Amelio confirmed their romance when she posted a selfie of the duo kissing on her Instagram Story. One short week later, Hudson shared this maybe-diss track on TikTok. 🙃

Of course, fans noticed. Taking to the comments section of Hudson’s video, they reacted to the sitch. Some seemed kinda shocked at Hudson’s bold lyrics. “HE DID NOT HOLD BACK,” wrote one TikTok user. Others immediately took sides. One commented, “Okay i’m on side huddy.” On the other hand, some pointed out that Hudson and D’Amelio’s relationship ended over two years ago. One wrote, “Did u expect her to stay stuck or move on?? Like its 2022 lets all grow up.”

Hmm... Is this musical love triangle giving anyone else ~déjà vu~?