Tinashe Finally Addressed Those Rumors She's Dating Calvin Harris

It turns out Taylor Swift can breathe easy because Calvin Harris might not have a new girlfriend after all.

Two weeks ago, the 32-year-old DJ was spotted out on a date with singer Tinashe in LA, after rumors surfaced that the two were dating.

So, if two famous people are out on a dinner date in public, they're definitely dating... right?

Apparently not.

In an interview with E! News, Tinashe assured the public that she was still very much single (at least for the moment).

When she was asked about having a relationship with Calvin, the 23-year-old singer replied,

I mean, I'm still definitely single, so that's all that we're at right now.

OK, OK. So they're not dating... YET.

I mean, Tinashe said "right now," didn't she? That means there's the possibility that her relationship status might change in the near future.

They're probably just taking things slow right now, which makes sense, since Calvin's last long-term relationship ended with a public fight on Twitter.

I'd say it's best to keep brand new relationships like this one very casual and off social media for a while.

We're rooting for you, Cal.

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