Taylor Swift Explains Being A Zombie Was "Freeing" In "Look What You Made Me Do" Video

by Laura Rizzo

"Look What You Made Me Do" is the music video that keeps on giving. I mean, it's provided us killer Instagram captions, Halloween costume ideas, and now... beauty tips. Well, according to Tay Tay in a recent video about her zombie-rific makeover. Taylor Swift's zombie look in the "LWYMMD" video obviously took hours to achieve, but only seconds to frighten us all. In fact, Swift thinks we should all give it a try.

The music video opens on a spooky graveyard with thunder and lightning rattling the screen. The camera then zooms onto a tombstone that reads, "Here Lies Taylor Swift's Reputation." All of a sudden, Tay comes bursting out of the ground. I literally closed my eyes the first time I saw the video. She looks terrifying. By now, we've all seen the "LWYMMD" music video at least 50 times... maybe 60... so you know what I'm talking about.

Luckily, do you know what didn't die with Swifty's reputation? Her sense of humor. Buzzfeed News recently produced a video that gave viewers an exclusive behind-the-scenes look at Swift becoming zombie-fied. In the video below, you can catch a glimpse of how much work went into creating dead Taylor Swift.

Actually, Swift was loving it. She jokingly said,

This is definitely a revolutionary look in beauty it's called just... you know, just straight up dead.

I thought Swift in the music video was scary, but seeing her speaking normally in full zombie garb makes me feel weirder. Swift was able to look on the bright side of her creepy look.

You know what's weird? When you look this gross you just have no physical insecurities at all... like none. They're gone because, you know, it's just really freeing. I encourage everyone to look like a corpse at least once.

Maybe I will, Swifty... Maybe. I . Will. The whole process was really amazing to watch and I can't imagine how many hours it took to complete (and take off for that matter). How Swift was able to work on her Reputation album and not leak any of it is beyond me. I would be taking so many selfies of my super cool zombie transformation.

Swift has kept pretty quiet about things since releasing "LWYMMD," I think she's trying to keep the fog of mystery up. However, one of Swift's back-up dancers, Todrick Hall, opened up to Entertainment Tonight about just how secretive Swift was while creating the project.

We became BFFs, and then she called and said, 'I'm working on this project that's super secret but I know I can trust you. Will you not tell anyone?' And I didn't tell anyone. It was the best! It felt like Christmas came early because when it came out my phone blew up more than it ever has before. Everybody was freaking out about it. It's such an epic and iconic video to be a part of. I think it was shot in May. And it was a huge secret to keep and it was very difficult … It speaks volume of what type of person Taylor is, that she could have all those people on set and then it not leak.

That is a huge secret. I would like more details... did he tell his parents? What kind of food was on set? Does Swift bring gifts? WE NEED DETAILS, TODRICK!

Some people may love to hate on Swift, but I think the fact that she could keep "LWYMMD" so under wraps is pretty spectacular. Swift is known for surprising her fans. Her second song off Reputation, "Ready For It," was also unexpected. It dropped on Sept. 2 during a Saturday night showdown between No. 1 Alabama and No. 3 Florida State.

Reputation will be released it its entirety on Nov. 10. What will happen between then and now? Who knows. Taylor could up and decide to drop it right this second for all I know. Ha, made you look!  Keep it weird, Tay.

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