Sofia Richie Copies Kylie Jenner's Sexy Snake Pics

Look, Sofia Richie is very hot in her recent Complex cover shoot.

I'm not trying to contest that fact.

Sofia Richie undoubtedly looks 1,000 times better lying on the floor in her underwear with snakes slithering over her body than I do.

But also ... can we go back to that snake thing ... and how they are slithering all over her body and stuff?

Like, that's weird, right? Wouldn't that feel weird and be weird and isn't it just ... weird?

The thing is, 18-year-old Sofia (daughter of Lionel Richie and half-sister of Nicole Richie), is not the first celebrity to bring snakes into her photoshoot by any means.

Just yesterday 19-year-old Kylie Jenner shared a sneak peak of her upcoming 2017 calendar on Snapchat, revealing she too, has been spending some time around giant pythons in her underwear.


Here's a better look at that photo, courtesy of Tyga's Instagram.

So ... what's up with teens and snakes these days, am I right? Why does this keep happening?

I mean, yes, Britney Spears holding that yellow python on her shoulders while she performed "I'm a Slave 4 u" at the 2001 MTV Video Music Awards is low-key the most iconic image of that era.

But that was Britney, bitch. She was proving what a kickass performer she is.

Sofia Richie, on the other hand — if you watch that behind-the-scenes video from Complex — seems to be on the verge of either becoming a snake or having sex with a snake.

At one point, Sofia's eye actually turns into a snake eye.


Look, I don't want to speculate — except that I clearly do because that's what I'm about to do — maybe this all has to do with Justin Bieber. Hear me out.

I mean, Sofia and Justin were rumored to be dating back in August.


It got kind of complicated, since Bieber was also rumored to be dating a few other girls at the same time, like Bronte Blampied.

Then Sofia and Justin reportedly broke up.

So where do the snakes fit into this?

Well, OG Beliebers and OG anti-Beliebers might recall when Justin Bieber brought an actual, live snake as his date to the 2011 MTV Video Music Awards.


So, if Justin Bieber wishes he could date a snake, and Sofia Richie wishes she could date Justin Bieber, maybe Sofia Richie has turned herself into a snake lady out of love.

Hey, stranger things have been done in the name of love.

And since we've got them all here, we might as well vote — who did the crazy snake lady thing best?

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