Kylie Jenner's 2017 Calendar Includes Naked Snake Photo

Oh thank god, now there's a proper Kylie Jenner calendar to distract our melting eyes from the gross one she did with Tyga.

The 19-year-old gave fans a sneak peek on Snapchat over the weekend and, yes, it is provocative AF.

It's the kind of calendar you'd hate your daughter to make (and you don't have to be a protective father or even one at all to agree with that).

Yep, the 12 months of Kylie is going to become a shrine in every adolescent boy's room and every male-dominated workplace where the environment oozes testosterone, SPORTS AND BEER.

The centerpiece of said shrines will be this money shot of the reality star with some very risqué wording on her shirt...


...and this one of a giant snake wrapped around her naked butt.


In a series of Snapchat videos, Kylie says she's really excited to show you her new calendar before revealing the cover, back and April shots. She says,

You guys, I've literally always wanted to do this. I'm really excited to show you. I asked Terry Richardson to do this with me. So I made my very own calendar with Terry Richardson -- all exclusive pics. All right, I want to keep the rest of the photos a secret because I want it to be a surprise, but this one's April.

This calendar's a stark reminder 2016 may be drawing to an end, but 2017's gon' get weird.

I mean, she only showed us April, so what the hell is in store for January? A small mammal swinging from her breasts?!

Go easy on us, Kylie -- our minds may be sullied, but we cling to that ounce of purity we've yet to be robbed of.

At least we can sleep well at night knowing the calendar is Tyga-free, so there will be none of this awkward madness:



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