Selena Gomez Resurfaced At The AMAs Looking Stunning After 3 Months In Rehab

by Anna Menta

It's been a long few months for Selena Gomez fans, but the wait has come to a close — ya girl is BACK!

The 24-year-old singer made her first professional appearance on Sunday night at the American Music Awards after taking a mental health break from music in August.

Last month it came out that Selena had been spending some of that break in a rehabilitation center in Nashville, Tennessee.

While Selena has been seen out in public since, the AMAs mark her first scheduled appearance since the break.

And you know Selena — if ya girl's gonna come back, she's gonna come back in style, dang it!

Captured by the official American Music Awards Snapchat, Selena was spotted in a sleek red dress and a low ponytail.

In other words, she was spotted looking fly AF.

Selena is up for the AMA's Artist of the Year award, competing against Ariana Grande, Rihanna, Carrie Underwood and — somewhat awkwardly — Justin Bieber.

Hey, nothing like a little friendly competition between exes to make the breakup more interesting, am I right?

(No I'm not right, this is likely very awkward for them both. Sorry, Jelena lovers.)

Not to get overdramatic or anything, but Selena looks like a literal princess out there on the red carpet tonight.

And I think I speak for all of us when I say I'm just so proud of her and will happily be her loyal subject when she names herself queen of all she can see.

(No? Am I alone on this one?)

Look how much swag she has! Look how few fucks she gives and how hot she looks while not giving them!

Fans were obviously over the moon to see the triumphant return of Selena, and Selena was gracious enough to indulge them.

As for any potential Jelena drama, don't worry, Justin's in Europe. (Because you know he's the one who starts it.)