Ryan Lochte Proposed To His Playboy Model Girlfriend And She Said 'Jeah'

So, jeah, remember back when Ryan Lochte said he was single and on Tinder when he was blatantly dating Playboy model Kayla Rae Reid?

Well, turns out they're getting married now.

Yep, things moved pretty fast for Ryan over the summer and it looks like he popped the question this weekend.

The couple posted sweet Instagram pics of them sharing a kiss on top of a big, romantic hill.

The Olympian's picture was captioned,

Memories forever!!! #thelochtes #LA.

Kayla said in her snap,

Speechless. Absolutely beautiful. So in love with YOU.

She's sporting a huge rock on her finger, so all those endorsements Ryan lost couldn't have made that much of a dent in his wallet.


Women around the world who are still in love with Ryan, despite the massive web of lies he's spun, are absolutely jeartbroken.

Let's rewind because it's been quite a year for Ryan.


So the couple has reportedly been dating since the start of 2016. This news was on the down low until he got thrust into the limelight over the Olympics.

August 8

Many thought it was just a casual hook-up, but then Kayla posted a Snap of her meeting his family so things looked pretty serious.


August 14

Ryan claims he was robbed at gunpoint.

August 18

Turns out he lied about that.

August 21

His entire web of lies collapses and Ryan is pictured walking into a house with Kayla after giving a tearful interview in which he apologizes.

August 23

The going gets even tougher and Kayla stands up for Ryan when they're ambushed by a reporter outside an airport. It's clear the two are bf and gf by this point.


We hear they're engaged.

Ryan is basically the Donald Trump of the sporting world. By that, I mean his numerous lies haven't seemed to have had any serious impact on his popularity -- we still can't get enough of this guy!