People Are Pissed At Katy Perry Again Over A Video She Posted On Instagram

by Mary Kate Hoban
Getty Images

Katy Perry has certainly been making the internet "Roar" lately.

On Friday, the 32-year-old dropped her new single “Bon Appétit,” but that's not what has Twitter buzzing.

If you think the Twitterverse gets a little worked up over new jams, it gets downright hysterical over celebrity posts that are the least bit controversial.

And that's where Katy Perry has really been delivering recently.

Over the weekend, the singer responded to some fan questions during an Instagram Live. Apparently, someone commented, "I miss your old black hair."


Perry recently traded in her dark locks for a fresh blonde pixie cut.

One thing is certain: Katy Perry DGAF what you think of her hair. In her video response, she says to the camera, "Ohhhh really? Do you miss Barack Obama as well? OK, times change. Bye."

At the end of the video, she laughs and says, "I should leave now," and someone in the background yells, "You're cut off!"

It seems like maybe she should have cut off the segment before that comment, though, because people got seriously pissed.


People immediately deemed Perry a "racist."


Some even think this means Perry, who famously backed Hillary Clinton, is pro Trump.


Others weren't all that surprised by the comment.


Of course, fans also defended the singer, saying she was simply stating a fact that she no longer has black hair and Obama is no longer president.


Regardless of whether you think her comment was offensive, internet backlash is becoming a recurrent theme for the "Chained to the Rhythm" singer.

A couple weeks ago, Perry posted an Instagram that many deemed "insensitive." The post depicted the Hindu goddess Kali, and many expressed their outrage that the post, which she captioned "current mood," was disrespectful to Indian people.

She never responded to the criticism nor did she remove the post. If I had to guess, she won't respond to this most recent wave of outrage either.

The internet might just have to chill and wait for another celebrity to offend them. Or hey, the Met Gala is tonight and Katy Perry and Pharell are hosting. I can't wait to see what the internet has to say about that.