Lucy Hale Speaks Out On Her Nude Photo Leak

Lucy Hale sent out a powerful statement about having her hacked nude photos leaked onto the internet.

The statement is seriously badass and fitting for the feminist undertones of "Pretty Little Liars."

Hale posted a classic screenshot of an iPhone note on Twitter to share her message. Let's dissect it.

First of all, she needs to consider charging her phone. Twenty-five percent battery is getting down there, girl!

But as for the statement itself, she starts by showing signs of her annoyance.

She writes,

Well, I wasn't going to comment on something so ridiculous, but since 2017 is gonna be all about speaking my truth...I'm going to say something.

So here we learn the theme of 2017. Given that 2016 was all about realizing stuff, according to Kylie Jenner, it's fitting that 2017 is a time to now take what you've realized and speak your truth about it.

Then Hale gets into the thrust of it.

She writes,

Once again, a woman in the public eye was violated, stolen from and her private life and body were exposed for anyone to see.

It's true. Hacking female celebrities' data to leak their private nudes is super messed up and very much illegal.

For example, the 36-year-old father of two behind the major hacking of multiple celebrities, including Jennifer Lawrence, was sentenced to 18 months in jail in October.

And Hale is the latest in a new series of hacked celebs, which includes "Game of Thrones" star Maisie Williams.

Hale and her lawyer have threatened legal action against the site that hosted her hacked pictures.

Continuing on, Hale writes,

I will not apologize for living my life and having a personal life that is all mine.

To which I just have to pause briefly and give and incredible sincere:

You may not remember, but it wasn't until after the last major hack that celebrities were allowed to not apologize for taking sexy pics.

A leaked nude led to rampant slut-shaming. But the women have stood up and shown this garbage for what it is: sexist garbage infringing on women's rights to do your own damn thing.

Hale takes a moment to shout out her supporters.

She writes,

Thank you for all the sweet, supportive messages I've been receiving. It was a much needed reminder that I'm surrounded by so much love.

Again, this gets to that idea of how public perception of hacked and leaked nudes has changed. Good work, America! I'm proud of you!

And she ends it on a hilarious, defiant note.

Hale writes,

And to whoever did this...kiss my ass.

She includes a peace sign emoji in there, basically saying...

...with a little bit of...

...and some...

...and some clear...

Cheers to you, Lucy. Thank you for standing up for yourself and free women everywhere, and I'm so glad you're not letting the asshole behind this hack bring you down.

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