Lindsay Lohan Lost Half Her Finger In A Gruesome Boating Accident


Kim Kardashian's not the only celebrity who had a rough weekend.

Lindsay Lohan lost part of her left ring finger on Sunday while trying to anchor a boat.

TMZ reports the 30-year-old actress was boating along the shores of Turkey and attempted to anchor the boat by herself.

She got pulled into the water by the anchor, and while she was struggling to get back on the boat, the anchor sliced off the tip of her finger.

Luckily, her friends found the detached piece of finger, and surgeons were able to reattach it in the ER. (So don't worry, Lindsay Lohan still has 10 fingers.)

Lindsay posted a video after the incident on her Snapchat.


In the video, she says,

This is the result of me trying to help anchor the boat by myself. [Laughs.] My poor finger!

Though she did not post it herself, TMZ obtained photos of her un-bandaged finger injury.

WARNING: The following images are graphic and contain blood.

It looks extremely painful, but luckily Lindsay seems to be in pretty good spirits following the incident.

She even posted a "one handed selfie" to Instagram from her hospital bed.


(Of course, most selfies are one-handed in my experience, but shhh she just lost a finger, let her have this.)

It's a good thing she's feeling better, too, since Monday October 3 is "Mean Girls" day, aka the most important social media day for Lindsay Lohan every year.

Don't worry, she already posted about it, despite her injured finger.


Overall, this has not been an easy few months for LiLo.

She recently ended her relationship with her fiancé Egor Tarabasov on claims of extreme physical abuse, of which there is photo evidence.

Hopefully things start looking up for LiLo soon.

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