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Lindsay Lohan Says She Feared Her Ex-Fiancé Would 'Splash Acid In Her Face'


Lindsay Lohan's previous relationship with Egor Tarabasov just reached a whole new level of "toxic."

The ex-lovers have a pretty messy past that includes physical fights, cheating allegations and mega social media drama -- and we finally have an answer as to why she pulled the plug on the romance.

According to E! News, Lohan recently sat down with Russia's Channel One and spoke about the violent turn that Tarabasov allegedly took. In the interview, she said,

Eek... this definitely sounds like a cry for help.

While we aren't sure if these allegations are true or not, Tarabasov strongly feels like Lohan is lying to try to ruin his reputation.

If she keeps this up, she is definitely going to accomplish her goal.

The Russian businessman released a statement on Wednesday about Lohan's claims and denied everything, saying,

Hmmm, based off of the evidence L0han's provided to the media, it's safe to say the odds are not in Tarabasov's favor.

But LiLo is an actress, after all, and we aren't sure who to believe.

Hopefully these claims aren't true because we hate seeing Lindsay in distress. Hang in there, LiLo. There's no where to go but up from here.

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