Tyga Responds To 21 Savage About Kylie, Rapper Fires Back

Things just took an unexpected turn in the wild ongoing feud between Tyga and the rapper 21 Savage.

It all started after 21 Savage, an Atlanta-based rapper, posted a photo of Kylie Jenner on Twitter with the caption showing THREE heart-eyes emojis.

No, I'm not kidding. Yes, some other rapper actually hit on Tyga's girlfriend.

At first, people suspected Kylie might be cheating on Tyga, but it seems like 21 Savage just... REALLY wants him some Kylie Jenner.

Here's the tweet that sparked the beef between 21 Savage and Tyga. SO DISRESPECTFUL!


After practically setting the internet on fire, TMZ caught up with 21 Savage to ask him about his feelings toward Kylie Jenner. He said he'd "tear that ass up."

Tyga then responded days later with an Instagram photo of him and Kylie in a Lamborghini while subliminally hinting to 21 Savage in the caption.

From here, I'd expect a few diss tracks or something. I mean, these guys are rappers. Plus, after you post a photo of another man's girlfriend on your own Twitter accompanied by flirtatious emojis, something's bound to happen, right?

Instead of a diss song, 21 Savage responded with another social media post. This time, a photo of Kylie captioned with the same lyrics Drake dissed Meek Mill with on "Back to Back."

Well, there are just some things you don't do, and 21 Savage is doing all of them... But are we even surprised? The man's name begins with a number and ends with SAVAGE.

Tyga, I wish you all the best, bro. This is no longer a joke anymore. Mr. Savage has made himself abundantly clear. He wants to "tear that ass up" and according to him, Kylie is a "boss bitch" that has made you her wife.


As of now, both Kylie and Tyga are currently in Miami at Art Basel. We'll just have to see where this goes next.