Kylie Jenner Has 7 Tiny Tattoos And You Probably Don’t Know About Most Of Them

by Jamie LeeLo
Ari Perilstein/Getty Images for A-OK Collective, LLC.

Listen, if Kylie Jenner told me it was cool to dip my body in plaster and roll around in popcorn and walk around as a human bird feeder, chances are I'd do it and I'd spend money to do it.

So, leave it to me to stalk every tattoo Kylie Jenner has just in case getting one like hers would up my cool factor.

Also, is it just me or do Kylie and her model friends all have, like, a lot of tattoos that are somehow totally discreet and never noticeable unless you're digging up all there is to find about them on the internet?

I feel like if I got ink on my body, despite where I put it or how small I make it, I'd still look like walking street art.

I guess that must be the reason why I'm not a model. Hm.

Anyway, here is everything I know about Kylie Jenner's six (maybe seven) tattoos. In no particular order...

1. Matching "m" with best friend Jordyn Woods

Nope, nobody knows what it means. And, TBH? I wouldn't even know it's the letter M if I didn't read about it online.

Regardless. There it is.

2. Her grandmother's name, Mary Jo, in her grandfather's handwriting

Say it with me now, "WE LOVE YOU MARY JO!"

The effortlessly cool and oh-so-sweet Kardashian grandmother makes regular appearances on KUTWK and even has her own Kylie Lip Kit color named after her. We get it, Kylie, you're obsessed. (So are we.)

3. Matching butterfly with Travis Scott

Very recently, Jenner debuted yet another little beauty on her right ankle. Kylie and her new boyfriend Travis Scott appeared to walk away from the tattoo parlor with matching ink. Suspects think the butterfly is in reference to Scott's song, "Butterfly Effect."

4. Tiny red heart

If there's one thing we've learned by now, it's Kylie loves tiny tattoos and the color red. This was one of her first tats and my personal favorite!

5. The word "sanity" spelled phonetically

Coming up dry on this one, but the word "sanity" is loaded enough that fans can go crazy guessing what it means to King K.

In a Snapchat story, US Weekly reported she may have added the word "before" to this hip tattoo, but in the video, it looks like the tattoo artist is working much lower on the reality TV star's body. Like, way below her hip... which leads us too...

6. Maybe mystery butt tattoo?

I don't know, I'm not a scientist or anything. You guys tell me.

7. And most recently, her "T" for Tyga that was just turned into "LA."

Recently, Entertainment Tonight reports Kylie was spotted out and about with Scott in London sporting the letters "LA" on her left ankle. This isn't a new tat, but rather an update from what used to be a cursive "T" for Tyga.

Smooth, Kylie. Smooth.

Remember, if you're going to get some ink, always remember the three K's of tattooing: Keep it Kute. Keep it Kleen. Keep it Kylie.