Kylie Jenner's Birthday Collection Is Sold Out, So When's The Restock?

by Jamie LeeLo
Getty Images

Happy birthday to Kylie! Our Queen is celebrating her twentieth birthday the best way she knows how – by inventing new makeup products and selling them as if they're the last lip glosses we'll find on earth. The #BirthdayCollection sold out in minutes, as per usual, and now fans are wondering when the restock of Kylie Jenner's birthday collection going to happen.

Kylie, girl. GIVE US THE DEETS.

In the past, the Kardashians have been able to restock their products fairly quickly, or at least have a few items left over in secret to give away after the initial swarm of purchases is over. Jenner is no stranger to this kind of selling frenzy, and we're sure she has a restock game plan already mapped out.

Right now, if you check out the Kylie Cosmetics website, every item has an annoying "Sold Out" sign underneath it. BUT! You can put your name on a mailing list for when the products are all back in stock. (I mean, you and a million other people, probably.)

Still, Kylie is promising that all hope is not lost for those of us that were late to the #KylieTurns20 boat. She, of course, has been keeping us posted on her Twitter account and recently gave us the update,

Stay tuned for #BirthdayCollection restock updates. For now .. there's some things still available!

Sure, sure, that was hours ago and everything is gone by now, but still. STAY TUNED, GUYS. KYLIE SAYS STAY TUNED!

Plus, you know you can always check out eBay where we're sure her products are being sold for the price of your first unborn child, plus all your hopes and dreams.

If you're lucky to get your hands on a full kit, you can look forward to: four brushes, eight mini lippies (four in velvet, four in matte), two Ultra Glow highlighters, one lip kit, two glosses, an impressive eyeshadow palette, a makeup bag, and the special gift of a bedazzled liquid lipstick.

Happy birthday, Kylie. Call us, please.