Kim Kardashian Takes First Photo Since Robbery


Kim Kardashian posed for her first photo since the Paris hotel robbery, but it isn't for her Instagram.

Instead of taking a selfie and uploading it for her fans, the 36-year-old star took a picture with Alton Sterling's 16-year-old son Cameron on Tuesday at a Kanye West concert.

In the photo, Cameron is standing right between Kanye West and Kim Kardashian.

The photo was shared on Twitter by Justin Bamberg, the Sterling family's lawyer, and has already accumulated a couple thousand likes.


The full caption reads,

Kim Kardashian voiced her passion for joining the #BlackLivesMatter movement on her website after Alton Sterling's death.

She told fans,

She also wrote an emotional letter about her son Saint and police violence. Her children are half black, so she is concerned about their future interactions with law enforcement.


She shared,

Powerful words, Kim.  The mother of two has stayed off of Instagram, Twitter and Snapchat since the robbery, but Kim Kardashian is slowly coming back into the spotlight.

She's been spotted a few times by the paparazzi leaving her New York City and Los Angeles homes.

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It's unclear if -- or when -- Kim K will fully return to social media, but taking a photo with the Sterling family to show her support is a pretty good start.

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