Kim Kardashian Was 'Hysterical' Talking To Kanye West After Armed Robbery


Kim Kardashian arrived safely in New York City after the devastating event that took place in Paris on Monday morning.

The 35-year-old reality star was held up at gunpoint by masked men who stole over $8 million worth of jewels.

In addition to being robbed, the mother of two was gagged and bound before being locked alone in her bathroom.

A source close to Kanye West told PEOPLE Kim "was just hysterical" while speaking to her husband on the phone about the terrifying incident. The insider explained,

He said she was really upset and it took him a few seconds to understand what she was saying to him. He wanted to get to her as soon as he could. He told her that he couldn't care less about the jewelry; he's just thankful that she's OK.

The source added,

The whole thing happened really fast. 'Ye says that it all hit her after the guys had left, and then it sunk in. It took her a little bit of time to pull it together. Of course her family is all there for her, and Kanye is there for her, too, but she's going to deal with the aftermath of this for a while.

Footage captured on Monday shows Kanye West, Kim Kardashian, Kris Jenner and Corey Gamble arriving at their NYC apartment surrounded by security guards and the NYPD.

At the moment, it sounds like Kim needs nothing more than the support and love of her friends and family. A source revealed,

Kim left Paris to reunite with Kanye and her kids. She is very upset and couldn't wait to leave Paris. She gave a statement to the police and left right after. She got robbed of her jewelry, but doesn't care. She is just happy to be alive. She has never been in a more frightening situation. She still can't believe it happened. Kris [Jenner] has been good about giving updates to concerned friends. Kim's family feels terrible about what happened to her.

According to PEOPLE's source, Kim is still in complete shock over the whole situation (and rightfully so). The insider added,

She's always known the threats are out there, but for something to happen, it's almost unimaginable. It's going to take her a very long time to feel safe again.

Kim Kardashian's rep says the star was physically unharmed but "badly shaken." Our thoughts are with her and her family during this difficult time.

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