Kim Kardashian's Family Celebrates Her Birthday On Instagram

Kim K won't update her social media, so it's now on her family to give us our Kardashian birthday fix on Instagram.

Today is Kim Kardashian's birthday. Normally this would be a momentous event featuring a massive public social push from the recently 36-year-old. There would be parties, tributes and, who knows, maybe even one of those fascinating Kris Jenner birthday videos.

Nothing beats the monotonous terrifying buzz of the Kardashian family choir.

This year we won't get any of that, though.

Unfortunately, Kim is still on her media break following the armed robbery she was the victim of in Paris a few weeks ago. We haven't heard much from her camp aside from the facts her app/website will continue to run and she is clearly still shaken up after the attack.

The robbery isn't enough to stop her entire family from their own personal social media lives. Though there was a small hiccup right after the robbery, for the most part, the family has gone back to their standard social media programming.

Kylie is pushing her Lip Kits, Khloé is promoting her jean line and Kourtney is doing whatever the eff it is Kourtney does nowadays.

Business as usual.

Today, the Kardashian-Jenner clan took to Instagram to wish their sister a happy birthday through a series of #TBT pictures with Mrs. West.

Even though Kris for sure was behind the robbery, her post was incredibly heartfelt.

Kendall's picture of her and Kylie with Kim when they were babies is entirely too adorable.

Kylie's birthday post for Kim was kind of boring.

Khloé and Kourtney have yet to update their Instagrams with pictures of Kim, a fact that can only mean they all hate each other. JK.

Meanwhile, I'm pretty sure Rob has no idea what day it is.

Neither did Caitlyn, who posted this picture with Kylie...

...before posting this picture with Kim (after she got trolled by commenters).