Caitlyn Jenner Posts Photo With Kylie, Forgets About Kim Kardashian Again

by Arielle Lana LeJarde

"HAPPY BIRTHDAY, KIM!" said everyone but Caitlyn Jenner .

Today is Kim Kardashian's birthday, but Caitlyn is like, "LOL NO1CURR."

What did she do instead? She posted a picture with Kylie, who clearly seems to be the favorite daughter.

Maybe Caitlyn genuinely didn't mean anything malicious by this post, but it's definitely awkward timing. And fans obviously took notice.

The comment section under this Instagram is filled with major hate mail.


People are seriously worried about Caitlyn and Kim's relationship. Rumors of their rocky relationship started last Father's Day when Caitlyn claimed she "was abandoned" on the first holiday following her transition.

Caitlyn said Kylie was the only one who invited her over, and they watched TV together all night.

Kim denies this, though. In a video on her app, she explained,

Not true. I actually invited Caitlyn to Father's Day with Kanye and I at Nobu for brunch, and Caitlyn was busy. So then Caitlyn went over to Kylie's.

So who is to blame for this drama? Is it Kim? Is it Caitlyn? Is it Kylie? We really don't know.

Only two weeks ago, Caitlyn posted an Instagram of Kim following the Paris robbery.

Of course, people said this post was only the result of backlash after Caitlyn posted this photo with Kylie shortly after the news broke out about Kim's robbery.


I guess that's what happens when you live life on a reality show and everybody who watches feels entitled to every update of your life.

But I don't know, you guys. I really think it was just a harmless post about loving Kylie. I mean, just because she shows her love for one daughter, doesn't mean she loves another any less.

And it's pretty obvious Kylie and Caitlyn have always had a great relationship. Who knows? Maybe we'll see a post in honor of Kimmy's birthday later today.

UPDATE, 3:22 pm: Caitlyn finally posted a picture for Kim, but we still think it's too little too late.

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