Kanye West And Kim K Look Somber In Pics After Visiting Donda West’s Grave


Following a tremendously difficult 2016, Kanye West and Kim Kardashian took a family trip to pay respects to Donda West.

Just weeks after the 39-year-old music star canceled his Saint Pablo Tour and underwent a psychiatric evaluation at UCLA Medical Center, Kanye traveled with Kim, North and Saint to Oklahoma City to visit his late mother's grave.

This is reportedly the first time Kanye has taken his entire family to see where Donda is buried.


Though their trip to Oklahoma City was a little under the radar, Kanye and co. reportedly met with some other West family members during their stay.

The family touched down back in LA late Monday night after the visit.

TMZ reports this trip to her grave was incredibly important to the ailing music icon.

Donda West died in 2007 following complications from cosmetic surgery.

Many have speculated that Kanye's meltdown could have been triggered by unresolved issues with the death of his mother.

Kanye famously paid for the surgery, which many believe led him to partially blame himself for the accident.

His recent psychiatric issues started around the anniversary of his mother's death, and the cancellation of his tour happened just a day after the anniversary of his mother's funeral.


Around that time, Kim was dealing with her own issues following the Paris Fashion Week robbery.

Though it is clearly all speculation, many close to the family think the stress from dealing with Kim's robbery and the residual issues he has with his mother's death -- as well as rumors of being in debt and about a billion other Kanye problems -- led to his hospital stay.

Both Kim, who has been on a social media break since the robbery, and Kanye are reportedly in therapy separately to deal with their issues.

Hopefully things get better soon.