No One Can Get Over Kanye West's Epic Music Video For 'Fade'


Last night at the 2016 MTV VMAs, Kanye West spent four minutes delivering one of his signature improvised overtures.

We all love a good meandering Kanye speech, but the real draw was the premiere of his music video for "Fade," starring chart-topping recording artist Teyana Taylor and featuring her partner, Cleveland Cavaliers shooting guard Iman Shumpert.

Between Teyana's oiled-up panty dance and the video's twist ending, we all needed a moment to unpack what we'd just witnessed.

Can we please discuss Teyana Taylor in Kanye's Fade video — السلام عليكم (@Miss_Rwodzi) August 29, 2016

Some fans couldn't wrap their damn minds around it.

Kanye's Fade music video just confused the fuck outta me. — Smalls (@slcest96) August 29, 2016

A chosen few took one look at Teyana and resigned to a lifetime in the gym.

Fade is the new Kanye's workout plan — Cassandra Hill (@Chill_SPT) August 29, 2016
Teyana Taylor in Kanye's video for 'Fade' is every bit of #MotivationMonday to hit the gym — Winnie Marley (@WinnieMarley) August 29, 2016

For the most part, everyone lost it over Yeezy's genius.

kanye's fade video with teyana is fucking art — kara (@karaab94) August 29, 2016
Kanye video Fade is pure genius!! — Mr. Saint Patrick (@ShaQFoster13) August 29, 2016
Last night I was hoping Kanye would drop the video for Waves but when it was Fade, I said but then Teyana slayed my life & I died — MANI MACABRE (@M4N1_S4HI) August 29, 2016
Fade song & video is one for the culture now Ty Dolla & Post Malone killed it...Kanye is genius & Teyana body is flawless — 9/9 (@__ARS1) August 29, 2016

Once everyone paused for a snack break and the hype died down to a dull roar, select fans took a moment to acknowledge Teyana's early days on MTV's "My Super Sweet 16."

When you realize the girl in #Kanye's video #Fade is the girl that was on sweet16 #VMAs pic.twitter.com/0RJymOEmqN — Katie Wilhite (@Kwilhite502) August 29, 2016
Imagine going from this to then staring in Kanye's video with a phenomenal fucking body. pic.twitter.com/KmdgwKtQnZ — Tim Fitzgerald (@tim__fitzgerald) August 29, 2016

What. A. Life.