Kanye West Calls Out Taylor Swift In Most Awkward VMAs Speech Of All Time

by Anna Menta

Well, we were promised four minutes of uncensored Kanye West at the MTV Video Music Awards, and that's exactly what we got.

Should anyone be surprised at the fact it was awkward, disjointed and most likely never rehearsed?

Kanye took the stage at Madison Square Garden to share some thoughts going through his brain, followed by an announcement he was airing a brand new music video and song.

"I am Kanye West," he began. Well, at least that's been confirmed.

Like I said, it was pretty disjointed, and many things were said. He did take a quick moment to address the highly discussed Taylor Swift-Kanye West-Kim Kardashian drama.

He said,

You know, like, people come up to me like, 'Man, that's right… Take Taylor? I love all y'all. That's why I called her!

It sounds like Kanye never meant to "take down" Taylor -- he just loves everyone, you guys!

He even had love for his ex Amber Rose, and gave her her own special shoutout.

(Can I just say Amber Rose's little shrug in reaction is so far my favorite thing to happen at this VMAs?)

Kanye even had the good grace to (sort of) acknowledge if Beyoncé's "Formation" video beats out "Famous," he won't have room to complain.

He said,

Now, later tonight, 'Famous' might lose to Beyoncé, but I can't be mad. I'm always wishing for Beyoncé to win so...

There was also a lot of vague musing about society, politics and life in general. At one point, Kanye listed himself as his own idol alongside Walt Disney and Steve Jobs.

It's definitely worth a read, so check out the transcript courtesy of Entertainment Weekly below. Oh, and I don't recommend watching that new music video if you're prone to nightmares. Just a tip.

Now, later tonight, 'Famous' might lose to Beyoncé but I can't be mad. I'm always wishing for Beyoncé to win so… for people to understand just how blessed we are, ['Famous'] was an expression of our now, our fame right now, us on the inside of the TV. You know, just to put… the audacity to put Anna Wintour right next to Donald Trump. I mean, I put Ray J in there bro! This is fame, bro! Like, I see you Amber… my wife is a G… We came over in the same boat, now we're all in the same bed. Well, maybe different boats, but… If you think about last week, there was 22 people murdered in Chicago. You know, like, people come up to me like, 'Man, that's right… Take Taylor? I love all y'all. That's why I called her! So I was speaking at the Art Institute last year and one kid came up to me and said three of my friends died and i don't know if I'm going to be next. You have to think, when you're a senior, and you don't feel like doing any more work. If you're seeing people dying next to you you might think, what's the point? Life can start to feel worthless in a way. I know times for me, I sit down and talk to older, like, like, rich people, you know? A.K.A. White. And, uh, they tell me don't compare yourself to Steve Jobs. Don't compare yourself to Walt Disney. And my friend [J. Sakiya Sandifer], tells me, don't compare yourself to these people. My friend [J. Sakiya Sandifer] told me there's three keys to keeping people impoverished: taking away their esteem, their resources, and their role models. My role models are artists, merchants. There's less than 10 I can name in history: Truman, Ford, Hughes, Disney, Jobs, West. Tonight, we're here to have fun. I'm standing in front of my idol Puff Daddy. I'm standing in front of my wife Kim Kardashian West. I'm standing in front of the future, Chance the Rapper. 2 Chainz. Jayden Smith. Bro. We are undeniably the influence, the thought leaders. I'm gonna play y'all a piece of my art. And I just hope you all have a good time.

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