Justin Bieber Has Another Temper Tantrum, Storms Off Stage


I just spent the better part of an hour comparing prices on those puppy toys that mimic a mother dog's heartbeat because if no one else is going to make an effort to save Justin's psyche, I will.

Even though I have a LOT going on this week.

Just saying.

You guys could step up a little.

Justin Bieber stormed off stage during a Manchester, UK stop on his Purpose tour Sunday night, chucking his microphone on the ground on his way out.

After letting fans sit for a while and stew in the awkwardness of his abrupt departure, Justin returned and carried on with the show, Mashable reports.

Upon his return, Justin explained to fans he left due to screams from adoring fans.

He told the crowd,

The Biebs desperately wants to make a human connection, which, when you think about it, is heartbreaking. If his words aren't enough proof he's looking for a little eye contact and understanding, his actions the past few months speak volumes.


1. Justin sneezes on stage, covering his fans in boogs rather than covering his face with his elbow like his second grade teacher taught him.


Smearing fans with his nasal DNA was a weird way to forge a connection with commoners, but Justin's employing a lot of unorthodox approaches to escaping the isolation of superstardom.

2. Justin crashes a high school soccer game in London, forcing a bunch of teens already navigating the challenging social pitfalls of adolescence to take on Justin's baggage, too.


These teens are still trying to figure out how to stay low key about masturbating in their childhood homes and not feel defined by their standardized test scores. Give them a break.

3. Justin wanders around Amsterdam in the most obvious disguise of all time and kicks a sad soccer ball by himself.


4. Justin reprimands his audience in Birmingham, England for screaming while he's trying to intimately share an anecdote with the sea of rabid fans.

He really hates screaming. In fact, Bieby blatantly told the crowd he doesn't “feel like [he's] being heard sometimes,” before mentioning how lonely tour life can be.

5. Justin storms off stage in Manchester, but then comes back on and lectures everyone. Because if there's one thing the youth of today is looking for during a fun night out, it's to be abandoned and chastised.

Justin Bieber is a member of a very small percentage of the population who experience fame on a level most of us could not imagine in our wildest, most narcissistic dreams.

In fact, Justin's not the first pop star to admit being bested by his career lately. His ex, Selena Gomez, is on hiatus due to health issues and depression and, following her recent rehab check-in, was offered support by Lady Gaga.

Of Selena's struggles, Gaga told 103.5 KTU,

Justin has been in the business for eight of his 22 years on earth. He's essentially equipped with the emotional management skills of a ninth grader, but is, at all times, tasked with being accessible, relatable, on-brand and entertaining.

The world treats Justin as a commodity. In many ways, the world is not wrong.

Still, no amount of capitalist success can change the fact Justin Bieber is also a human being desperately hoping someone will sit quietly for a few minutes and listen to his story.

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