Justin Bieber Disguised Himself In A Wig And Mustache But Failed So Bad


As far as Halloween costumes go, this attempt from Justin Bieber in Amsterdam is incredibly weak.

I mean, he must have been high as a kite to think no one was going to recognize him in this getup.

The Biebs was pictured rocking a wig and a fake mustache-goatee combo that looks straight out of a joke shop. He looks like a terrible Magnum P.I.

There's nothing incognito about it. He may as well have donned the classic big nose, glasses and eyebrows face piece.

Look how hilariously bad it is:

Biebs, mate, what are you doing?!


Vídeo de Justin disfarçado em Amsterdã, Holanda (07/10) pic.twitter.com/svuZ8n3CDi — Portal Bieber Brasil (@portal_bieberBR) October 7, 2016

There are no words, only laughter. So much laughter.

The lazy disguise completely backfired as more people than usual wanted a snap of his outrageous facial hair game.

His powerful mustache and goatee combination was coupled with those trademark neck tattoos, his style and overall swag (which some call douchebaggery) that can be spotted from a mile on a good day.

I don't know what's going on with Justin Bieber recently. His face game just hasn't been strong.

Recently, the "Purpose" singer snotted all over his fans during a performance of “What Do You Mean?”

Seriously. Someone who had ridiculously good seats at the concert caught Biebs spraying some major boogers all over.

Clean up on aisle EVERYONE. Please control your spew, Bieber. There aren't enough Kleenex tissues in the world to wipe up that disaster.

In other clean-face news, Bieber's former flame Selena Gomez made a public appearance for the first time in a while this weekend.

She swung by the Texas Roadhouse in Alcoa, Tennessee, and fans couldn't get enough of her.

Glorious photos and videos emerged showing her posing with fans and then dancing the afternoon away like the absolute party girl she is.

the queen is back #selenaisbackpartypic.twitter.com/DS2cFQ0yrv — spooky bitch (@kissinqmendes) October 9, 2016