Jennifer Lopez Gushes Over Drake At 2017 Grammys


Rumors of Drake and Jennifer Lopez dating spread as quickly as their relationship may have ended when he was spotted on a date with a retired porn star.

Lopez, who just presented at the Grammys, spoke with Ryan Seacrest on the red carpet for the event, and he asked exactly what everyone was thinking: ARE YOU AND DRAKE DOING THE NASTY OR NAH?

(Seacrest, a professional, worded it more eloquently.)

Lopez said:

LOVE?! You love Drake?

She went on to say the two worked together on a song.

So was it all "Fake Love"? Did this Instagram moment mean nothing to the two of them?


Seacrest asked if there were "creative sparks" and JLo replied,

So she's still obviously into Drake -- she's dropped the "L" bomb twice.

But if her Instagram is to be believed, then it's all about timing. She posted a photo that read,

Which, coincidentally, is exactly the same thing my mom tells me every time I get my HEART BROKEN.

According to a source,

Lopez just continued her Vegas residency and Drake started his Boy Meets World Tour in Europe in January -- that is a long time apart for a budding new relationship.

The source said:

If these two crazy kids can't make it work, what hope do the rest of us have?

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