Drake And Taylor Swift's Celebrity Couple Name Is 'Draylor'

We all have to stop living in denial.

The Taylor Swift/Drake relationship officially has a name, meaning we're in for a very long and very insufferable winter.

Ever since news came out the two singers were potentially collaborating on new music and a new romance, the internet has been bracing itself.

I mean, Taylor and Drake are fine. They're both hot, kind of goofy and make OK-enough music to get a pass from society.

Together, though, they form a creature that could potentially unravel the space-time continuum as we know it. Think of them as a Megazord of Hollywood destruction.

It's too much corny hoky-ness and terrible dancing in one package.

Plus, what if they reproduce? Imagine that rhythmless bowl of mayonnaise. Probably named something miserable like Tristan or Mango or Dakota Fanning.

I base this both on the fact they're the two most basic people out there and that their awful celeb couple name has been decided.

Everyone get used to saying the word "Draylor" from now on.

Drake made the reveal of their couple name in the caption section of a photo he posted to his Instagram account.

In case you didn't pick up on the subtly of the commercial for Apple music, it features Drake working out to "Bad Blood," a Taylor Swift song.

Drake doing an advertisement for a major company with Taylor's music in it means they're either going out or he's been friend zone'd harder than anyone else in the history of friendship and zones.

The internet is as uncomfortable with #Draylor as you are.

SMH!! Please tell me #Draylor isn't real? Aubrey got to be joking...right? — Kimberly Michell (@SunkissedKimmie) November 21, 2016

If Draylor is too hardcore of a name for you, here are 10 other celeb-couple potential names for you to use:

Trake Dift Trizzy Swaubrey Tegrassi The Next Swifteration Starbucks Papi Dray Trizzle-Drizzle White People Danny Glover (because, aren't we too old for this shit?)

Good luck with this new bleak reality we live in.

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