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Brittany Snow On 'Pitch Perfect 3' & What Fans Can Expect From The Movie


You know (and love) her from teen classics like John Tucker Must Die, Pitch Perfect, and Hairspray. Recently, America's favorite girl-next-door has a lot going on. Elite Daily caught up with Brittany Snow to talk about upcoming projects, Pitch Perfect 3, and a cappella (aca-duh). Brittany Snow on Pitch Perfect 3 got me so, so excited for the release, and you definitely will be, too.

Speaking with Snow is a lot different than I thought it would be. Her voice is just as soft and maple-syrup-sweet as it sounds on the big-screen, but Snow speaks with a strong passion behind her words. Through her three appearances as Chloe Beale in the Pitch Perfect movies, a cappella has quickly become a skill she is dedicated to honing. As far as Pitch Perfect 3 goes, audiences can expect dancing and singing (as per usual), but the cast was given more freedom this time around. Brittany says,

The cast has been playing their beloved "awesome nerds" since 2012, and that familiarity with their characters is sure to shine. The biggest difference is that the Barden Bellas aren't in college anymore. The trailer teases most of them actually sucking at adulting.

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Being in the "real world" is terrible (trust me, I'm living it — what is a credit score?), and Snow agrees it "felt different" playing a post-grad Chloe:

Snow says the filming was so easy with the cast because they just focused on being "in the moment with each other."


Portraying themselves as besties is easy for the cast of Pitch Perfect because they're legit BFFs in real life. Snow even lived with co-star Kelley Jakle, who plays Jessica in all the movies, for three years.

In fact, when I asked about Snow's favorite co-star she responds with, "Oh God, that would be like trying to choose a sibling or something." It's safe to say when it comes to working together musically, these ladies have clicked.

Although Snow and her co-stars had a great time filming, her character, Chloe, sounds like she's riding the struggle bus.

Besides Chloe figuring out her life path, Snow dishes on the most difficult part of filming.

Could've fooled me. I've never seen anything less than perfection from the Pitch Perfect cast.


Snow is undeniably extremely talented, and she's spreading the love with SweeTARTS to find the best collegiate a cappella group in the country.

Snow continues,

To kick off the SweeTARTS Acapellooza Contest, USC's Reverse Osmosis and SoCal Vocals (of which Kelley Jakle is an alum) invited schools from across the nation to participate.

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To enter, collegiate a cappella teams (between four and eight members) across the nation must create an original 20 to 30 second riff-off video, performing an original song while incorporating SweeTARTS Chewy Sours. Side note: THOSE ARE THE BEST CHEWY CANDIES, SORRY, SOURPATCH.

Enter using Twitter or Instagram with #SWTAcapelloozaContest by Sept. 24. Find the official rules on SweeTARTS website. The final group will win the grand prize to perform live at SweeTARTS Acapellooza Concert on Oct. 10 hosted by Brittany Snow, alongside the region's top collegiate musical group. If I had any musical talent, I would be all over this.

Besides spreading the aca-love around the country, Snow has been keeping busy with her non-profit, Love Is Louder. The organization is all about "supporting people in their endeavors or with themselves and what they're going through in life and really knowing that our differences are stronger than the things that divide us."

Obviously, Brittany Snow is using her time to make the world happy — which is amazing to see. I seriously cannot wait until Pitch Perfect 3 and the improv magic that comes with it.

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